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Boho Baby Knits

Yesterday I got my copy of Boho Baby Knits (Groovy Patterns for Cool Tots), by Kat Coyle:


My sister visited Knit Cafe earlier this month during Kat's book signing there:

Boho Baby Knits

I love all the bohemian baby designs in this book, but my must-knit favorites are the Bobbled Bloomers, Mimi and Bobbi Beatnik Dolls, Story-time Socks, Bite This Book!, Alien Hat, and the Scenester Legwarmers. And even though I don't have any more babies or toddlers in the household, these are just too cute not to knit.


yay! I'm excited to see what you make.

Oh, Bite This Book sounds intriguing!

Ooh lucky you!! A SIGNED copy!
This has been in my wish list for a little while now!
Can't wait to see you crank out a few of these creations! :oD

Looks like an awful lot of bobbles! I haven't seen the book but I guess now I will have to. Looks cute.

ooh...i so love seeing what you make..you know you got me into buying yarn again, i bought the most beautiful skein that i haven't the slightest clue what i am going to do with...i'll have to post pics soon..

this book looks soooo good...i don't have any babies to knit for though...

hope your christmas was wonderful!

i love this book too! and what a lovely way to photograph it - with Kat's signature.