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Happy holiday knitting

S'more knitting?

The holiday knitting at Chez Twisted Knitter doesn't include gift knitting -- there are no deadlines here this holiday season. Last year, I sent my sister her first pair of handknit socks. We talked last night and she told me that she's worn a hole in the heel. I reminded her that it's the highest compliment that can be paid a sock knitter -- and that they were meant to be worn! Guess who's likely to get more handknit socks?

Last week, I got some new double-pointed needles to test:

New needles to try!

My fellow Pretty Posie, Elizabeth of Trailing Yarn, sent them to me. She also sent circular needles and challenged me to convert to Magic Loop. But where would that leave me with my wonderful collection of DPNs?

I'm intrigued by the Hiya Hiya needles and can't wait to give them a try (today?) and will share my feedback here. Thanks again, Elizabeth!


I can't get over how cute that ornament is! I just want to eat. him. up. :)

Glad to hear your holiday is rather stress-free. It's no fun when the pleasure of knitting someone is overast by the stress of getting it done on time. I promised my mom a scarf for Christmas, and she'll get it when it's done (it's still cold in Chicago in February, that's for sure!).

And isn't it crazy how there are so many ways to knit a circle? It seems like if you don't like one way, there's ALWAYS another way to try. That's part of what I LOVE about knitting!! Have fun!

I have a couple of those s'mores ornaments but I've never seen that one. I must have one! Wherever did you find it?!


I'm answering here since I've had so many people ask! One of my co-workers at the yarn shop got it for us last year. I'll ask her where she found it and let you know. One of my Flickr contacts mentioned seeing them at Hallmark (but it's not a Hallmark ornament). "Midwest" makes them and you can see a bunch here:


and the knitter here:


I LOVE the hiya hiya circs! They're the only metal circs my LYS carries, which is why I got them originally, but the cord is REALLY pliable. I think I like them better than my addis (*gasp*). AND, they're cheaper!!! I'm on my way now to buy more for a project I have coming up.

I love that knitting snowman! And I know what you mean about that worn out sock - for doing the same, my SIL is getting A LOT more socks. :)

OMG! That knitting snowman is just way too cute!

Well, I can tell you that I love the Hiya Hiya circular needles so, so much!

You're quite welcome! I'm glad to see from your comments that others like them too!

It feels fabulous not to have any holiday knit deadlines!

I luv magic loopin' and that is the only way hats, gloves, and socks get done by me! :o)

that is just the sweetest ornament.
and WOW. your sister does need a new pair.....obviously she LOVES them! :)

How cute is that snowman!

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