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I can knit with my eyes closed (sort of)

Opal Sock

Yesterday I took my mom to her hair appointment and decided to wait there with my knitting instead of leaving to run errands. While I was knitting my sock, I tried knitting with my eyes closed . . . and it worked . . . just by feel. I don't know that I'd choose to do that very often (I mean . . . why?) but it's a few more stitches in the dark, right?

I know that I've shared before that I always have a sock-in-progress that I can knit while I wait. No thinking. Just knitting. The Opal sock yarn was from a swap with Jennie. Earlier this year (thanks to Flickr) I jumped the gun on her de-stashing plans to let her know I wanted that sock yarn. I'd never knit with Opal and wanted to try it -- plus, I love self-striping sock yarns. It's utterly unsophisticated but a wonderful excuse to knit socks with your eyes closed.


Now you can night while sitting a dark movie theater! :)

I think that was an Elizabeth Zimmermann technique to train yourself to knit at movies! :)

I just destashed a massive amount of Opal, I should've sent some your way!

The colours on this yarn is real pretty, reminds me of the tiger sock yarn. Knitting without seeing is fun, but gets me into trouble. Once I ended up with an extra stitch. Another time I ended up with looser gauge :)

reasons to knit with no eyes

movie theatre knitting

knitting in the car when it's dark (not when driving)

when knitting insane amounts of stockinette (aka Kusha jacket) being able to knit and read fashion mags at the same time.

the only one i've mastered is the last one.
love your Opal sock.

I'm quite partial to Opal self-striping too, in fact, I've just finished a pair of socks for my brother in blue/white stripes. ;)

I love self-striping, too. The funny thing is how muggles think you are so clever when they see the self-patterning sock, but any lace or other fancy pattern and they barely pass comment.

I love mindless knitting, though I usually keep my eyes open, but my thoughts are free to wander.

Love the self-stiping sock yarn. I just started a new one the other day. I have not learned to knit with my eyes closed yet, but it sounds like a good idea for endless stockinette.

VERY COOL! Now you can knit just about anywhere and anytime!

The socks look great too!

I need to get more practice in with knitting without looking. :) I can't wait to see more of the sock. :)

i've knit a number of times with my eyes closed. usually around this time when i'm deliriously trying to finish holiday gifts!!

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