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Truthiness :: The Mitten

Truthiness *

I love knitting mittens but I'm not yet at peace with the way my thumbs turn out. It's fast and fun knitting until it's time to complete the thumb -- there's a gaping hole where the thumb meets the mitten. I'll be asking some experts (my co-workers!) to look it over and tell me how to avoid that when I re-knit the mittens. I started the mittens late Wednesday night after taking my oldest son's hand measurements and determining my gauge. And I think he grew overnight -- the finished mitten is WAY too small.

The experience had me a bit frustrated last night -- and it just reminded me of the feeling of being on this side of the learning curve -- and while I know it's just a mitten, it's hard to be unsuccessful after spending a lot of time on something that should be simple. And it doesn't make me a bad knitter, it's just a lack of skill.

So while I wait for our weekend house guests and make a grocery list, I'm going to step back and take a break -- and refresh mind, body and spirit. I think it might be a good time for Gypsy Soup:

Gypsy Soup.jpg


When you figure out the mitten mystery, do let us know. I've had the same problem and just wove the ends through the stitches around the gaps to pull them together. It looked alright, but not perfect.


I hate knitting thumbs with a singular passion. :)

Oh, that's nothing a little darning needle and a thumb can't fix. I think the mittens look great!

I have never knit mittens, the yarn you are using looks nice.

I've read that mittens should be .5" to 1" larger than the hand circumference, so definitely positive ease. As for the holes, I always pick up more stitches around the thumb than the pattern recomments - ALWAYS. The stitches can always be decreased and I find that easier to do than weaving ends through the holes and trying to make it look right.

Good thing is - mittens are a fast knit, so the second try will be easier! :o)

Oh, the Moosewood Cookbook! I love that book! It was the turning point that taught me that vegetables can be fun and tasty. I've never made mittens, so I wouldn't know... maybe pick up more stitches around the thumb to close the gap, then knit 2gether? Let me know what you learn.

The mittens look very pretty - lovely colors in the yarn. In addition to gaping holes, my other problem is weaving in the ends so that it doesn't unravel or show on the front. Any tips on weaving in?

Yeah I have that same problem in doing digits on mitts/gloves. I have heard the pick up extra stitches and even do a duplicate stitch over the gap.

But it is still a mystery how some knitters make it look so seamless!!
WITW are the doing?!?! Ugh!

Gypsy Soup? That does sound yummy. I'm cooking Baked Ziti tonight for a small dinner party.

Love the mitten but can't help with the thumb. I only have done fingerless mittens.

There's a section in EZ "Knitting Without Tears" where she explains how to avoid the dreaded little hole... [It's in the mitten section. Let me know if you don't have it.]

hope you figured out about the little hole....let us know!~:)
love this yarn for boys.....i am sure that you measured correctly.....i am perfectly postitive that your little guy grew overnight.....don't you just hate when that happens?! :)

I love the yarn you're using for the mitten. Good luck with the hole. Let us know what method you use to correct the problem.

That hole thing always happens to me as well--have you tried using a crochet hook to pick up extra sts at the gap when starting the thumb?

I think I'd like to try the Gypsy Soup. And the mittens look great. I haven't tried to make any yet.