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Unfinished posts

I occasionally have a blog entry in draft mode and sometimes I get so stuck I can't finish it or post it. There's one in here now, unpublished. It's not because it's a difficult or unpleasant topic -- quite the contrary! I attempted to go back and find all my favorite 2007 blog posts written by other knitbloggers. It's turned out to be a huge undertaking because I have SO many favorites. I'm going to keep working on it and might eventually post it. But surely you know my TRUE fear -- that there will be that ONE that gets left out -- that one that I should have included and failed to do so.

So instead, I will tell you about my haircut yesterday; I won't show it to you because it's too dark to shoot a photo. I went in wanting what I got this past August -- a concave bob (an inverted v- or inverted u-shape in the back), but I got what I most feared getting -- a PLAIN bob. I've HAD those most of my life. And even a TRUE concave bob eventually grows out to be a plain bob after a month or so. And do you know what a PLAIN bob looks like on me? Anchorwoman hair. Pageant hair.

At least it's better than country singer hair.

For the record, I've never been any of those things. The first photo was for an author bio in a magazine in which I'd had an article published. The second photo has never been seen by anybody except Paul (when we were dating). First he laughed . . . then he forbade me to share them with anybody. I think 15 years is enough time and distance and I hope you all can laugh WITH me. (And, yes, there are more cheesy poses and more bad outfits).

Since my recipe request post, I've been able to try a few of the recipes I've linked to -- and one of the recipes in my comments. I can't take good food photos so I have none to share. But I was very happy with the recipes I've tried -- the Minestra di Lenticchie (quite good and it makes A LOT!), the Salsa Mexicana (I'll add more Serrano peppers next time - I just used two) and the Macaroni and Cheese (though my Vermont sharp cheddar was TOO sharp). All of them were quite good! Thanks for sharing, ladies!

The holiday party with my son's fourth grade class went well -- we had a blast! Nine year olds know how to party! We played holiday-themed Pictionary, made an ornament, decorated some cookies with icing, red hots and M&M's and had a fun book exchange. It's his last year in elementary school which suddenly feels quite strange now that I typed it. The second grader had a similar celebration and between the two of them, they were quite sugared up and we have two new ornaments for the tree. It signaled the official start of our holiday break.

I was just sharing with my family how I'm looking forward to December 26th and some serious relaxation and knitting. I have a lot of lovely yarn to play with too . . .

Malabrigo - Silky Merino

Cinnamon - 2 skeins - Pigeon Roof Studios

What will you be working on when you have no more holiday knitting deadlines?


You would be so proud... my 9 year old daughter has taken up knitting and crocheting. I bought her yarn for her stocking this year... and my mom bought a few knitting pattern books for her. She loves it so much!!! Now, if I would just get busy and let her teach me how to knit... :)

It sounds like that planned post might be big enough to break into two or three. That could give you some leeway to keep finding the posts you want.

On the 26th I'll be working on the simple cardigan I've had going for a while, probably still the second sleeve, which for some reason is going very slowly, and the EZ EPS saddle-shouldered V-neck I'm about to start. Since I spent 10 years in retail management I don't do things with the potential to frazzle my holidays like knitting to a schedule.

I don't really knit for the holidays so my knitting is all mine all the time!

Oh, that is such a great idea, but you're right--a huge undertaking. Glad the party went well and hope you get a lot of time to play with that pretty yarn. Merry Christmas!

PS> I bobbed my hair yesterday too. Oh, and there are two huge blonde streaks in the front. Sometimes it's fun having a stylist in the family!

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year! Looking forward to seeing your holiday knits in the new year!

Ha...we are so alike with the bob thing! If my bob isn't shorter in the back and longer in the front, the haircut is a total failure. My hair has changed so much over the last 20 years, but this general shape is mandatory.

Merry Christmas, Janet. :)

Really, I don't think you could look bad, no matter what haircut you got! :) I got my hair cut last night, too - I always need the bottom thinned so I don't end up with a wedge thing going on. Last time my stylist must've been having a bad day, because I ended up with this weird ledgey layer on the bottom. So my preferred style is now called "No wedge, no ledge."

I unfortunately will still be doing some "holiday" knitting. I have to finish the Lace Leaf scarf for my grandma. It's almost there and it is looking beautiful. It is a wonderful pattern.

I will either be spinning or swatching for a new sweater. Happy Christmas! Thanks for sharing the country-western photo; it's a classic!