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Your recipes

I love it when bloggers share their recipes and post photos of food -- and it's rarely pastries or cake that catch my eye and make me want to cook -- it's the savory, the highly flavored.

Here are a few notables that I am going to share so that I can capture the links and can come back to them:

Lynne's Bacon, Potato, Leek Soup
Catherine's Gumbo
Kim's Minestra di Lenticchie
Leslie's legendary Cinnamon Apple Cake
Lolly's Butternut Squash Parmesan Gratin
Alicia Paulson's Mushroom Marsala
Andy Paulson's Eggrolls
Fluffa!'s Salsa Mexicana
Cheri's Pico de Gallo
Wen's Chicken and Dumplings
Angry Chicken's Curry Cauliflower Soup

Now it's YOUR turn. Share a recipe you've posted on your blog (I love food photos) or on Flickr and if you link to it in the comments, I'll add your name to a drawing for something special -- a pair of knit-to-order socks. If one of your recipes is linked above and you'd like a chance to win some handknit socks, give me a shout-out in my comments.

Thank you guys for reading and sharing and thank you for offering some of the nicest comments and feedback I've ever received (on yesterday's entry). I'm trying to reply to all of your comments personally and I keep getting a bit sidetracked. But please know that I appreciate everyone's words. Nora, thank you for your simple and perfect advice about my other concern. I will follow it.

Sixth birthday
A photo from my 6th birthday -- when I asked my mom to fix hamburgers to go with my birthday cake


Yum! Must high-tail it to the kitchen now!

I've actually made Kim's soup - yum! It was hilarious as I can't really cook to save my life so I had Kim on standby via email from halfway across the world. It was such fun!

PS: Glad I could help! :)

If it's savory you're after then the Roasted Eggplant and Sausage Soup I posted last October can't be beat. You can find it at http://caroleknits.knitblog.com/archives/2007/10/#a000600

I posted a recipe for some seriously yummy homemade macaroni and cheese. The stuff in boxes has nothing on this. http://phoeknits.wordpress.com/2007/12/07/mail-and-a-yarn-sale/

Great post. Thanks for the nod. Now I have to go check out everyone else's recipes!

I love all of your old photos. I've recently scanned mine, and I'm having so much fun with them!

oh yumm. thanks for the links........i'll be back to grab a recipe for dinner!

LOVE your photo. you look exactly the same! honestly. i can SO see you in this little girl!
my sister had the same haircut. :)

Thanks for adding my recipe to your "to try bunch". It was so cool to see my name on your blog.

Happy Cooking!

Okay, here are a few that I posted about from my last Kentucky Derby party. If you are Southern, you will understand why I love to make them.


I'll have to try the others myself.

What timing!!! I just emailed you some recipes last night.

So, here's one of my favorite recipes that I found on Flickr. It's not mine, so please don't enter me in the contest, but I did want to share it with you, since they're sooooooooooooo good!

America's Test Kitchen's top-secret enchilada recipe:

I actually don't want to enter the contest but I want to share this not-quite-a-recipe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jafir/1373247224/

:) I really want to try some of those up there!

I don't have a picture - I'm strong on cat photography and very, very weak on food photography - but this is the easiest flourless chocolate cake recipe ever. Hmm, I think I'll post my brownie recipe tomorrow...

I know you just said that you don't mind if people lurk, and there's no pressure to out yourself..... I couldn't resist the lure of pair of your socks!

I've been lurking here for months now! Hello!

I have some peanut butter biscuits baking away on my blog:


There's some great cooking to be had in these comments - looks like I might be busy!


Well, I have a few, but my most recent recipe, for cranberry-orange cockaigne, was just posted a few days ago.


You have to go to the post just prior for the photo, or just go here:


The thing about food is I have a really hard time photographing it. Usually it comes out looking rather shiny and unappetizing so I usually don't post about it. Thanks for collecting all these recipe links for us :)

All of my food posts can be found at http://blog.designedlykristi.com/?cat=12

There are many. Some highlighting others recipes and some my own. Some of the favorites from there include the savory cheesecake at http://blog.designedlykristi.com/?p=436 and Chocolate Cloud Cupcakes at http://blog.designedlykristi.com/?p=382 and Holiday Cobbler at http://blog.designedlykristi.com/?p=293

I hope you find some recipes you like and enjoy the photos while you visit :-)

I don't have a recipe to contribute since I'm not a particularly great cook, but I am loving the photo. You really have not changed much.

I gave this recipe when I was saying thank-you to my commentors:


Well, I bake sweets more than I cook the savory stuff, although, there is this post on absorption pasta:

But mostly, it's sweets:


easy easy xmas salmon app! I like to make app's that require little to no work once made but taste like you slaved over them! even my father in law loves these!

Ok, it's a mildly chilly rainy December day here in Atlanta. The Man just brought home a Christmas tree so while he rearranges the den for said tree, I'm off to the kitchen to make Minestra di Lenticchie!

A friend and I have been blogging food every Friday for a while now. I think this might have been my favorite new discovery:


Being able to find recipes and see photos is so nice. Thanks for sharing some here. I have this idea of having a food type web thing someday...anyway here is my original recipe (.pdf) and photo for FAT POTATOES!!
Lovely vintage photo also!

I'm late to respond because I've been off reading food blogs the last few days rather than knitting blogs. I don't need an entry in the contest, but I'm happy to link recipes.

So far I've posted three recipes, all legumes. Here's a link to all of them.
Hope you like beans.

Dude-I made the list, am I cool or what? ;) Don't forget the cilantro, heh I didn't post it in the recipe but caught it in the comments on the picture.

I hope your Christmas was great. I'm just getting to catch up on blogs, post holiday, since my body doesn't seem to want to sleep tonight.

And really, do I have to tell you to sign me up for socks? :)

I started today on a babette square baby blanket. I'm not sure I love it. (colorwise)