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I actually had a great day; I got a lot done at the school (a scheduled meeting) and got to see some of my friends at the shop. I'm making big plans for Spring Break and the future.

But yesterday while answering a backlog of wonderful emails and getting caught up with current events via my favorite websites -- somehow I now have some type of adware infection on my laptop. And it's not looking good. So while I'm getting it resolved (thankfully we have another uninfected computer), I'll be even more scarce than I've been over the past week.

The good news -- although I'm cynical about my adware issues, I'm truly excited about my knitting. Keep an eye on my blog sidebar and my Flickr as I try to finish my works-in-progress and start some new, exciting (to me) knits. Peek at my queue if you're on Ravelry.*

*If you aren't on Ravelry already, now is the time to request your invitation.


Sorry to hear about your adware infestation. UGH. I had that happen once. NOT fun to clean up.

Boy does Jack look like you or what!! I love that picture! I hope the project you are working on is my socks!!! During the winters here, they are the best!! Feet are never cold and they don't get sweaty! Maybe I should put in an order for next year for xmas presents for my friends.....they would love them!!

Yikes! I'm SO sorry! I seriously think people who unleash such things on the www deserve any sort of prosecution we might be able to dream up for them. Grrr. Hope you get it completely resolved without too much trouble!

Oh - and cute pic, btw! :-)

Just too cute!

The waiting list for The Rav must be really short right now...I've given the link to some new knitters, and within a week, I see them on there!

SO sorry about the infestation. I have peaked at your Ravelry and now have a ton of things in my favorites that weren't there before. :D

so for the computer issues. Doesn't it drive you crazy!

I hope the computer problems get fixed. the Monkey socks look lovely.

I so enjoyed visiting with you on Friday. It was a treat.

I'm sorry to hear about your computer problems. I have a love/hate relationship with my computer, so I can sympathize.

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