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Gesta :: Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton

In Progress :: Gesta

The yarn is Noro Kochoran in Color 40. I'm using the needle size called for in the pattern - 6.5 mm. It's kind of nice seeing so much progress so quickly on these larger needles -- quite a departure from 2mm sock needles.

I've finished the back of this vest but I don't have a good photo of it -- just imagine a wonderful blend of wool, silk and angora in a subtle striping pattern with somewhat neutral colors.


Thank you all for the great sock-darning ideas and alternatives. I do think I want to attempt a repair first and if it doesn't go well, I'll do an afterthought heel. Sock darning seems like a nearly lost skill and there's enough of a challenge and mystery to it that I want to feel I tried it. Here are some great blog entries about sock darning (scroll down to April 26, 2006 for Part I and then work your way up through Part III).

And although I really have a lot more to blog about, I'm going to stop since I'm having such an "off" day mentally.


Hopefully your brain is "on" tomorrow! I hate days like that - particularly if I'm at work. Fun vest!

It's nice to see a reminder of this pattern. I started another sweater from this book, but have to rip half of it out because of a silly mistake (too stupid to explain). This may be a more practical use for the Kochoran.

Very pretty colors in the Noro for the vest. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you mentally!

Now I SO want to give this Gesta a try, it was supposed to be my Knitting Olympics pattern but instead I (stupidly) did the Klaralund!

The colours are good, the way they blend together.

Thanks for the sock darning infos!!! My 8 pairs are wearing out and I think I might have to take the road down the darning alley soon. :-)

I have always wanted to make that vest, so I am anxious to see how yours turns out. Beautiful colorway!

Oooh, I love that vest! There's a similar pattern in an old Vogue mag - it's simple yet looks beautiful at the end.

Good luck with your sock darning! I have a sock that mysteriously sprung a hole (not from wear - likely from a feline) and I've been putting off the repairs for a while now.

I just found your blog and am enjoying reading it.

In reference to an older post:
I love the Sursa pattern.... I have made 4 of them! I have used Big Kureyon + Rio de la Plata for the ruffle; two shades of Berroco Keltic for a small shoulder size version(love that one); another with Rio de la Plata in a white/gray tweed with red ruffle and a summer one in cream cotton Stria with a rose Stria ruffle.

The pattern is very versatile, I added a simple yo, k2tog lace pattern to the cotton one and made the Berroco one quite small.

Thanks for an interesting read.

Very pretty - I love the colors you chose for that project! =)

I hope you enjoy your vest as much as I have enjoyed mine. My vest was knit in Noro Transition and it is one of my most loved knits.

I love seeing your progress.

I am so there with you!

I think over the last few months, I've been re-evaluating my future projects too?

Simple is better, less is more, sleek, simple, proportion, form follows function, what will I actually want to wear, classic fit etc...

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