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Happy first day of 2008

Family 1970s
Family photo from the early 1970's

I went to sleep with some big questions last night and woke up with the answers. The big questions have to do with a goal of mine -- something I want to complete this year involving a family story.

I love this photo of my family. Due to the age difference between my oldest and youngest sisters, it was rare to get all of us in a photo together. This is how I remember my Dad. I'm startled now when I see photos of him with white hair and his thinner, smaller frame. During most of my childhood and the years I lived in Oklahoma, he was stocky -- and looked like he did in this photo.

Longtime readers know that I don't "do" resolutions, but I do evaluate what's working for me and what's not. In 2008, I'm taking some steps to enrich my life -- I'm excited about the things I'm considering. And because the most effective method I have of dealing with unresolved issues is to write through them, I'll continue to do that and will probably share more of it here on my blog.

My knitting goals for 2008 are rather vague, thanks to a refreshed point of view and a desire to be true to myself -- I will knit what I enjoy knitting and do what I enjoy doing. Because I don't struggle with discontent or disappointment internally, I'm going to take full advantage of the absolute freedom I have to just BE.

And now, for the winner of the hand knit socks . . . congratulations to Susan at KitKatKnits. I'll be contacting you to get your color preferences and shoe size!

Look for more fun contests and giveaways in 2008.


Amazing family photograph! Wonderful sharing of words and memories! Happy first day to you. Wishing you a GREAT 2008!

Congrats, Susan!! And here's to a happy new year, Janet! :)

Oh, what a beautiful photo! Are you the little one in plaid? I love reading your blog because you make me think and re-examine things for myself sometimes. I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Janet, such a special photo. time, time, time. it really tugs at my heart. i hate that people have to grow old. (me included)
i also love the happiness in just "being".
Happy New Year to you and yours!

I love that picture of your family--which one are you?

I also can really relate to the 'what's working/what's not working' concept. Very nicely put!

Have a great 2008 and I do like the family picture. x

Great picture - having 4 brothers, I always wished I had a sister - how lucky you are to have a few! I like your (non) resolution - knit what you enjoy - it's an important thing which I think gets overlooked sometimes.
Happy New Year to you.

Happy New Year, Janet!

i love this - taking advantage of your freedom to BE. great!

i'm looking forward to watching your knitting and life process unfold this year.

Glad you were able to awake with the answers!

I don't do resolutions either but rather like to view it as things I would like to focus on for the year.

I so need to get where you are at in terms of approaching my knitting...in due time

Happy 1st Day of the Year!
May 2008 be blessed for you and your family!

What a great family photo! And what a thoughtful post. Happy New Year, Janet.

Thanks for sharing your family photo. It is great! Like your sorta resolution to just "BE".

I'm doing resolutions this year - but realistic small things that I know I need and can achieve...you know, the kind that just keeps you aware and accountable. But I have thrown in a couple of things that I have wanted to do forever. Since you were on W@H and showing your knitting, I've been popping in and out of here admiring your things (and loving the small family things as well...so excited for you). Well, tomorrow, DH is taking me to Joanne's where I'm going to finally sign up for a knitting-for-beginners class.

Have a blessed 2008.

Happy New Year, janet!

Oh to be that young again!! I looked thrilled to be posing for a familty photo! I was a teenager and had attitude! You looked serious in the photo and sometimes you still have that look, when you are deep in thought! Miss my sisters!

Happy New Year Sweetie!


What a beautiful family photo, and a lovely memory to keep. Enjoy your knitting in the new year. :)

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