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Lipstick and yarn

Araucania Ranco Multi
Araucania Ranco sock yarn (click the photo above for more info)

Thanks to the ongoing computer woes, I've been spending a lot more time with my yarn and my knitting. While my son was waiting for his turn at the computer yesterday (I have to compete with the kids for computer time now), we talked about how we would each spend our first million (a purely imaginary windfall). I asked him what he would buy first if he had a million dollars -- he said he'd buy a scooter and then a house. When I asked him what he thought I would buy first, he said, "Lipstick." He predicted that after that, I'd buy yarn and "yarn books." He knows me too well.

I've been swatching (i.e. starting a new sock) with the Araucania sock yarn I bought several months ago. I fell in love with all the warm colors on the cool blue base. The only downside to this sock yarn so far is the yardage is on the low side and it's not as soft as I'd like. However, it's still a good knitting experience -- the stitches are even and smooth.

Araucania Ranco Multi

And, finally, a book purchase I put off entirely too long. Thanks to a nudge from Borders in the form of a 30% off coupon and a $5 gift certifcate, I now own The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd:

Finally . . .

I put off buying it for so long because I thought there wouldn't be "new" information in it -- but I've already highlighted several helpful things -- I should have purchased this book long ago.

Edited to add: This entry at Tiennie Knits, demonstrates how the Ann Budd book can inspire an already-accomplished knitter. Awesome.


Lipstick and yarn - Now there two things to make a woman feel great! :)

Hmm, the Araucania looks a lot prettier in the ball than I thought it looked in the store!

What a coincidence! I finally decided to knit some of my Araucania sock yarn too. The colors have been calling me. I absolutely agree with your review, not super soft but I really like how the colors are coming out.

What else does a girl need...more lipstick, yarn and yarn books. Oh, and needles.

Hum, that looks like a book to investigate.

Well sounds like a great way to spend some money. I am a lipstick junkie myself.

Clinique discontinued my favorite, "go to" lipstick a couple years ago. I felt the loss keenly.

Lovely yarn! I bet it gets softer after you wash it.

Wonderful photography!!Janet! and great words. Sorry about the computer issues. Are you having it looked into?

Love the colors in the yarn. Do you think it will soften when washed?

The colours in that yarn are good aren't they.

Glad you are back! :o)
Yeah I need to get that book! It has been on my list for awhile too....but I ain't ready yet! Haha! :oD

Janet--I am a COMPLETE lipstick maniac, it's my default 'I'm bored' purchase!!

Hi, just to let you know you have been given a 'you make my day' award over on my blog.

Hope you are having a good weekend.


I am knitting some socks right now out of Araucania and I love this yarn! Your colorway is scrumptious, too...