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Shamelessly stockinette

Pink Panda Silk
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I started this sock in mid-December but interrupted finishing while I knit the Noro shop sample. Both are totally different knitting experiences and I love them equally -- however, the pink sock will get its mate soon so I can send this pair to my mom.

It was undeniably different knitting with yarn that had no "memory." I'm used to considerably more stretch in my sock yarns. In spite of that, the finished product is so soft that it will convert anybody who isn't already convinced that hand knit socks are superior.

Seriously soft silk socks


So. Gorgeous.

It's pretty and I like heel.

nice heel!

Beautifully clean sock lines. What type of toe did you use?

Pretty colors, and your knitting is so perfectly neat!

Love the sock. What yarn is it?

I want a pair! Love them!

The colours are so pretty on this sock.

Hi Janet,

Happy New Year. Please remind me what this yarn is. I love the color and there is nothing better than a great fitting sock. How did you like the Noro Sock yarn. I would love to feel one that has been washed after knitting.

I'm taking my first knitting class with Staci on Jan 9th. Looking forward to it.


cute, cute sock!!

What a perfect looking sock!

Lovely sock, I have never knit socks with silk yarn. Stockinette stitch is the best stitch!

There is nothing shameless about stockinette :) I love the way this knit up. I am just waiting for the sock bug to bite me again...

The sock is beautiful. The heel looks great! Spill, what is the yarn?

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