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Shiny :: Happy

Signature Needle Arts
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I got these knitting needles earlier this week and am in love with them - they're pretty and functional. You can design your own based on your tip and length preferences. While the prices are higher than most retail superstore knitting needles, they're in line with the finer straight single-point needle prices such as the Lantern Moon hardwood. * If you love knitting with straight needles, put Signature Needle Arts needles on your wish list.

Green :: Grey

I got a wonderful surprise gift from Nora in Australia. She made this wonderful accessory bag to match my favorite Mama Llama Forest green/grey colourway. So that settles it -- the next sock yarn I cast on will be my Mama Llama sock yarn.

My laptop is still not home but it's still in the safe hands of the local Geek Squad for a few more days. I love those dudes though -- and have trusted them with other computers in the past. Meanwhile, I've had to be creative about doing the things I used to do without thinking -- like checking emails and updating my calendar. I'm feeling a little cut off from my friends, family and my Outlook calendar. I woke up anxious and fearful that I might be forgetting to do something important. I can access new emails through my webmail program, but nudge me if you haven't received a reply to something important.

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Those needles look awesome. Too bad I hardly ever knit on straight needles.

Oh, wow, beautiful needles. I have seen them in a catalog but didn't know anyone who owns them. Are they heavy to work with?

The bag from Nora is characteristically beautiful. Enjoy!

Cool needles! I love knitting with my mom's old aluminum needles; I'll check these out.

Lovely needles. Yay, more sock goodness to look at.

And ohhh my, I'm utterly attached to my computer. I think I may go bonkers without it. I hope you get yours back soon. :)

Those are some beautiful knitting needles :)

You lucky dog! I'm sure Nora's bag is totally the bomb!

Very cool needles! And what a nice bag. I hope your computer returns all better soon!

I love the colors of the needles.

I found you as I was searching for help with the Fetching pattern and was directed to the "Fetching Knit Along" blog.

I'm a new knitter who tries to add new tricks to my bag with each project. The pattern was super easy with no problems until I got to the waste yarn part. I have searched online for a video, pictures, step by step on exactly what I'm supposed to do to no helpful avail. Should I cast on the waste yarn first and then knit the working yarn on it? etc.

I hope you can help me.

The needles are so beautiful. You lucky thing recieving Noras bag! How gorgeous the colours are. I hope the computer is mended soon for you.

Oh! Shiny! Pretty! *fights magpie instincts*

Hope you get your computer back soon - I would be getting twitchy, too...

That bag is gorgeous! And I love that you spelled grey with an "E" and colourway with a "U." Nora would be proud. :)

And I like that you can design shorter (7") needles. I rarely use straights anymore, but the aluminum needles remind me of my grandmother, so it's nice to have them around, just in case I'm feeling nostalgic. Thanks for the link!

Super chic, love those designer needles!