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Staci did hers and challenged others to do theirs -- of course, I had to try it with more than one photo!

Here's one with a 2005 photo:

And another with a 1994 photo:


In the first photo, I totally see Paulina Pori-whatever. You have identical upper-faces!

How fun! The resemblance to Paulina in the more recent pic is really impressive :-) I thought it was interesting too that it picked out 3 Asian celebrities, 2 of them Japanese (albeit one is a guy). So see, that rude airport guy totally did not know what he was talking about!

You *DO* totally look like that Paulina girl!!!

I got Vin Diesel and a bunch of Asian women (and I do NOT look Asian), but I think it's because my picture was taken from the side, so it pulled from all celebrities' photos who were taken from the side.


I'm going to have to try again.

Wow, you should be modeling! :) Mine varied quite a bit - my 1987 picture got a hit on Gillian Anderson, for example, while my current picture got a hit on Lucille Ball...

Those things are so fun. I did a picture of my (then 17-year-old, male) cousin once... and his top match was Condoleeza Rice. So much laughter...

In the first, I totally see Paulina, but my first impression was Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman).

OK. Jessica Biel was one of mine. I WISH! LOL!

OMG this is too fun. I had to do it too.

Kate Bush--that is awesome!!

Paulina really does look like you... at least in those shots.

The Paulina P match is exact! amazing :)

I did that site a few years ago, and was amazed to see that even with more recent pics, it gave many of the same faces... Beyonce and Meg Ryan. I got some weird ones this time too, however... i am embarassed to admit that one of them was David Hasselhoff!

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