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Processes unrelated to knitting

I'm experiencing heightened intuition and perception, along with feeling extremely empathetic (to the point of weepiness sometimes) and strange maternal and nesting urges TOTALLY unrelated to pregnancy (no chance of that). And these are the GOOD parts of this female aging process. I'm not sad to be starting to experience pre-menopause, but I am a little unsettled. The skin changes and grey hairs don't bother me, but the forgetfulness and anxiety DO upset me a bit.

And to be quite honest, I wasn't going to mention this particular process at all on my blog. Then I remembered my goal of having a blog as a record for myself -- and also my desire to use this blog as a way to capture some things in REAL time that might help my daughter twenty years (or more) from now. I know that my mom doesn't remember anything at all about what she went through and I wish she did.

Knitting helps. I am able to focus and concentrate on knitting when I can't focus on anything else. On some days I feel incredibly sharp and focused and others I feel like I'm in mental quicksand. But the heightened perception -- I'll take that any day. With unexpected surprises (both physical and mental) around every corner, successful navigation requires that I have an optimistic attitude. Pollyanna? You bet.

I wait until I feel sharp enough to tackle demanding tasks and this past week has included working on our income tax returns and organizing some historical family documents and vintage photos. This one of my mom and her brothers was taken in the late 30's, presumably before the death of their father (my grandfather). My mom was nine years old when he died, so I'm fairly certain that this was taken before then:

Valentine Vintage
Keiji, ??, Michio, my mother

When a bit of time opens up and I'm able to organize my stash, frog hibernating projects or wind yarn, if I get an urge, I'll allow myself to indulge in a quick project. These two one-day projects have been enjoyable and entertaining. Oddly, they're both Malabrigo:

Drawstring Pouch 3 - LMKG
click the photo above for more information


So go ahead . . . indulge yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Glad you decided to share and hopefully can look back at your progress thru this process. Hang in there!

@ pic - Wow..such priceless moments captured!

Can't wait to see your yummy malabrigo mini projects

May the remainder of your days be overflowing with LOVE!

That's a good thing to do for yourself and for your daughter. :) I don't see anything strange about doing lots and lots of projects from Malabrigo, actually. :)

What do you mean "ODDLY, they're both Malabrigo"? Don't you mean "UNDOUBTEDLY" or "NOT SURPRISINGLY"? LOL!

Love your new goal for your blog - I have a similar one for mine. Thanks for sharing!!

I think it is great that you blog about life-altering things - I think we rarely keep a record of day to day things in our lives or how we feel about certain things, and that's a shame.

Love the bag and knitted balls!

Don't fret....as an "older" lady, as my kids tell me, this to shall pass. The key for me was to stay focused. I find that knitting helps me stay sharp and them I also do crossword puzzles and word searches to keep my mind active. Find what works for you and the rest is gravy.

I love vintage photos. Thank you so much for sharing yours with us.

I love the pictures you have shared....that blue is divine!

Love your family photos! Please keep sharing.

As for the female aging process, I for one am glad you are writing about it. It seems like it is one of those "we shall not talk about it" subjects that females do.

Those yarns are delish!

Life changes happen and affect what we do so it is good to blog about them. Take care. x I love Malabrigo!

When I was younger I always heard women say 'I miss my mind most of all'.
Little did I know, it's TRUE! I'm sure that I've lost several points off my IQ. But hang in there, you're learning when to and not to tackle certain projects.

Happy V day to you :)

You know I've blogged about my perimenopausal struggles, so if you need an ear, I'm here. Hang in there, you WILL start feeling like yourself again!

As always, I love the vintage photo.

The aging process is like a roller coaster, and it affects different people in lots of different ways. I like the fact that you are sharing your experiences.

I organized my stash yesterday and ripped two projects, too.

Love, love the turquoise Malabrigo!

Beautiful Malabrigo! Especially the turquoise!

I don't know what to say about menopause, not having been through it myself. Though my mother is experiencing it now and all I can is I'M SORRY. I know she's struggling with the anxiety as well and I can't say coping with it is easy. I suppose my advice is: Keep knitting! :)

I hope your vday went well and your hubby showered you with fantastic gifts.

I love your post and just wanted to say you are an amazing person. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of yourself with the rest of the cyber world.

I just love that picture of your mom and her brothers, her little face with its friendly countenance is priceless:)

I'm on the cusp of perimenopause myself. I haven't noticed the variations in my thought processes as much as the feelings of weakness and malaise, but I can relate to some extent.

Excellent yarn photos. I wish I were as skilled! I'm a Malabrigo addict (and I must agree wholeheartedly with Vanessa's comment); you've captured that luscious Malabrigo feel in your images.

Just wanted to send hugs....and thank you for being so refreshingly honest.

I love this little journal of yours and how you manage to portray your life in a beautiful, sophisticated manner.

Erika will be so, so proud of her mama in the years to come.

Great photos! I can feel the softness of the Malabrigo. And their colors are so pretty too.

I totally understand what you are going through. I'm 44, and things can get a bit dicey at times. I have trouble remembering things, and I never used to have that problem.

i think you are so right on! i try to blog about the realness of my life and the now, so one day my daughter can look back at my life...and me too.

i love the old pictures that you share of your family...they are so priceless.

i hope all is well with your mother...and that you find your way through these times...i'm sure we'll all be there soon enough.

wishing u peacefulness..