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Thoughtful awards and more

Calla Coaster :: Purl Bee
Click the photo for project details

I took a brief hiatus from project monogamy (I almost typed monotony -- so what does THAT mean?) in order to knit a few gifts last night (while watching the first two episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles). The only finished object I can show right now is the Calla Coaster from the Purl Bee.

Calla Coaster :: Purl Bee

I should mention that I've had some serious love for Purl Soho since I first started knitting seriously (obsessively?) in 2004. Back then, when Purl Soho was just a website and not yet a book, a blog or Purl Patchwork, I would visit the site a few times a day just to see the colors and the exotic fiber. And when their book was published, I had to have it -- and it remains the book from which I've knit the most patterns. I'm pretty sure that it's Joelle Hoverson's love of color and exquisite yarn that keeps me inspired.

Meanwhile . . . I just got some happy news that my laptop is ready. I got the news via a recorded message so I don't know if "ready" is synonymous with "fixed," but I'll find out soon enough.

And even more good news: I got a couple of awards! Here and here, from Brenda (Molecular Knitting) and PJ, (And Sew It Is), respectively.



Now it's supposed to be my turn to spread the love and nominate more bloggers for these awards. It's going to be tough to name just ten twenty of the blogs that I think are excellent and/or make my day, but I'll try.

The A.D.D. Knitter - Heather has some great stash and her taste in yarn is quite similar to mine -- as well as her lack of self-control. (I mean that in the most endearing way, Heather).

A Friend to Knit With - Leslie shares her Cookie(s) of the Week and some super-accomplished knitting, cooking and photography skills. Plus, she's always incredibly encouraging and generous with her feedback.

Berlin's Whimsy - a brand-new addition to my sidebar, and I think her blog, photos and projects are a treasure. I don't even remember how I found her blog, but I love reading her.

Black Dog Knits - Nora's back! I get a ton of inspiration from Nora and her constructive feedback always helps me figure out the pesky details. (I'm not so naturally good with the details -- but I count on others who are).

Cherry Blossom Hill Studio - Fabulousness - I love peeking in and seeing the knitting and the sewing - and she makes me glad I have a colour (heh) monitor.

Chronic Ennui - I go see what Kim's up to and usually feel that I couldn't possibly measure up to her knitting skill or speed, but I can't stop going to her blog. Doggie photos are a bonus!

Coiled - Kat's tagline is "some knitting and drawing and other stuff too." She's a MAJOR inspiration.

Crimson Purl - Stacey is comprehensive in sharing project notes and details -- so much so that I can usually count on her to knit something I have in my queue and help me decide if I want to attempt it myself. She and I share an addiction a love for Malabrigo.

Gotta Knit - Debbie is usually up to something fun and never fails to make me laugh. When I think of Debbie, I think of steel magnolias.

Kent's Craft - I think I found Kent via Flickr back when he was posting some great vintage photos and about the same time he was working on his lovely v-neck. He seemed to disappear for a while, but now he has a shiny new laptop and camera. Surely he'll post more now. :-)

Knitsane :: Hannabirke - My favorite adventurous experimenter turned street photographer. I love the details in her posts.

Knitting Underway - Theresa is my sock-knitting hero!

Lekkercraft - Knitting interspersed with bits of everything else I love.

Lollyknitting Around - Lolly is probably the nicest, hardest-working knitblogger out there. Community building? Lolly defines it.

Molecular Knitting - I would have given her this award even if she hadn't given me one. Even though I know that she sometimes has to make the time to blog, she never gives the reader the impression that she's too busy to do it well. I love her photos along with her taste in fine sock yarn and M's cocktails.

Stumbling Over Chaos - Yet another hard working blogger. Chris works full time and has two delightful kitties to take care of and I don't know how she finds time to knit, blog and leave such nice comments.

Superstarra - A somewhat new-to-me knitting blog - I enjoy her knits and project photos and I've been reading through her archives to find those little gems I might have missed.

V's Blog and her Flickr too - she's a Midwesterner turned Pacific Northwesterner and I love following her adventurers with T and Miss Trixie.

Very Pink - Staci's a knitting superhero. Here's a quote from her Ravelry profile: "The most unusual thing about me as a knitter - I’m a one-project-at-a-timer, and I’m STASHLESS." She's a rare species.

Zebra Knits - Another blogger I've been reading less than a year but I am hooked. Every post is a treat, and the photos are awesome. Here's one of my favorite knits of hers.

Now excuse me while I spend the rest of the day feeling anxious about forgetting those blogs that I love and read regularly but forgot to mention. Everybody in my sidebar is excellent and inspirational.


Well, you definitely made MY day, Janet. Thank you. And thank you for always making me smile and often making me think and for all the pretty pictures. I will now go take a peek at some links...

Of course, I love the color of your coasters. Congrats on your awards! And thank you very much. :)

Thank you so much for your thoughtful nomination! I'm glad I found your blog, too! ;-)

Thank you Janet :)!!!


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Although, I think you help/inspire me a lot more than I help/inspire you! x

I'm glad you liked the award, I love your blog I've been reading for quite a while thanks for the lovely posts I have to look forward to.

PS I LOVE your new knitting needles.

Thank you so much, Janet ~


Goodie, lots of lovely links to look at! Well done, you deserve the award.

Thank you Janet!

What lovely, deserving ladies! :)

You are so darn sweet, Janet! And you have correctly identified my total lack of self-control & I am glad that great minds think alike:)

Aww. Thanks, Janet. You've "made" lots of my days. :)


Thank you so much for the award!!! You make my day, too!

Dear Twisted Knitter,
I don't know whether to be happy or mad that I found your site. I have spent hours now clicking all the fabulous links!
Your knitting is beautiful.
You certainly made my day =)

awwww!!!!!! YOU always make my day!
thank you Janet!
i am so loving those coasters!

Janet, thank you so much!!! I always look forward to your posts...ALWAYS!

Just over here trying to feverishly catch up on my reads since I have been out of town from last week. Dang y'all need to stop updating! LOL ;op

THANK YOU so much for my award! Your blog definitely makes my day as I have learned so much from you or you echo my exact sentiments which is comforting!!

You will be on my bloglines for life! ;op

Thanks, Janet!

I love that coaster. If M hadn't literally bought/made 4 DOZEN coasters one day when he couldn't find one, I'd have to knit these. As it is, since we really did have coasters before the additional 48, I'll just admire yours.

Thanks for this, by the way. I'm so behind . . .

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Any advice or help on how I can fix the complaint - and get the job?!!

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