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300 :: Changes

For my 300th blog entry here, the only profound thing I am doing is changing my blog header to celebrate the inspiration I've found this week. I'll share more details in a few days -- suffice it to say that getting out of a routine is mind-expanding.

If you read through a feed reader, here's the new header:

new blog header

I can honestly say that after having had a few blogs, this is the one I am happiest with. After agonizing over previous blogs, I knew when I began this one, it would have to be something I did for myself. I like that it's not all of me, but honest parts of some of me -- mostly the parts of my life related to knitting. The family history and glimpses in to my ancestry have crept in and I am keeping them here for now.

In reading Annie Dillard today, this one small bit of phrasing struck me:

"The obverse of this freedom, of course, is that your work is so meaningless, so fully for yourself alone, and so worthless to the world, that no one except you cares whether you do it well, or ever."

Even in its negativity, her statement is incredibly positive. To write and create for yourself alone is also freedom. Freedom is what I finally feel with this blog.


Oh janet! i love the post..........AND the new header!! it is just gorgeous!

It's beautiful.

I think your new header is just beautiful.

I popped out of my "feed aggregator" (heh) to check out the new header - and I just love it! Love the whole look of it.

Which reminds me, I need to update mine!!!

Great new layout! Love your photos. :)

I love your freedom. Your posts are always so interesting.

I'm beginning to slowly come out of my censored cyber self. One of these days I'll actually be able to write about how I feel and not be afraid of anyone's thoughts or reactions. Because, in the end, it's my blog and my outlet. But I take everything to heart and I don't want to upset anyone. Oh well, I just need to learn to let the little things go and not let them get to me.

LUV the facelift!

Love your new header.

Personally, I think it is a very healthy thing to have something that is totally just for you.

At the risk of being utterly repetitive: beautiful & fitting on this first day of spring.

I'm so glad! I love the new header and soft colors.

Happy 300th post! :) Love the new look. And y'know - blogs that are not simply limited to knitting are the best.

Love it :)

Now you want to make me spruce up my own spot...do some spring cleaning...clean out the cobwebs!


Love the header!

Love the makeover!

It's great that you found a place where you feel comfortable blogging. I like the quote - it's quite freeing and very true.

Oh and the grey and yellow blog header - I LOVE it!

Absolutly beautiful!! Very very nice. I love it! I am sending you an email with an update on me and our project too.

Your new look is refreshing and I love it!

Happy 300th! I love the new header, very spring inspired and a bit eclectic, how i like to view the world!

Love the new header and your philosophy, Janet. Last week when I was at your blog I was thinking back to how long I've known you... it's been a while! You've always been a creative and bright spot on the 'www' for me. I'm so glad you're comfy here at this blog because it's very inspiring to me and many others. Thanks!

the words really resonate with me. creating beauty and meaning even if no one ever sees it...

love the new banner. yellow is so happy :)


Simply stunning my friend. Both in it's obvious beauty, and it's inner contents.

Reminds me of it's author...

Very pretty banner. Is that the much coveted Vincent's Apron yarn?

Great new header! I love reading your blog. You always make me think.

*beautiful* !!!
I'd admired the photos on Flickr, without realizing what they were for -- it's just gorgeous. Happy 300th!

Amazing! 300!! Congratulations!! Love the header and new changes!

Hi Janet--

I hadn't been by for a few weeks, and what a beautiful new layout I found to greet me. This is just breathtakingly gorgeous. And I love the Annie Dillard quote--it is hard sometimes to value our private creations, but the blogging community helps mitigate the isolation. Bravo!

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