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Feeling in control again

Malabrigo :: Ankara Green Silky Merino
Vacation + Relief from tooth pain + Momentum from finishing things = Accomplishment

There were these little tasks -- knitting i-cord, sewing on leather straps, washing and blocking some finished knits, evaluating unfinished objects -- those tasks are now complete and updated in Ravelry. The last time you saw the soft drawstring pouch I knit with Malabrigo Silky Merino, it was unwashed and had a brown silk ribbon woven through and tied in a bow. Although I love the ribbon and will use it to wrap the final package, I really wanted to use the remaining blue-green silky merino yarn to knit a thick i-cord drawstring - so I did. I just love the color and the softness. The recipient can certainly have both along with a choice of which one to use. It had a nice Soak "Citrus" bath and a few rinses before I blocked and dried it overnight. It is amazingly soft now and still Tiffany Blue.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts (Joelle Hoverson) Drawstring Bag

The silver heart necklace was a Valentine's Day gift from a family member. It made me smile to see the "Ankara Green" Silky Merino next to the signature Tiffany box. What a perfect color.


I had this long diatribe planned in my head while I was on vacation about why I don't rely on luck to take me where I want to go -- it's so much more satisfying to work hard for my achievements. However, to the casual observer or the drive-by reader of this blog, I'd be hard-pressed to convince you that I'm not "lucky." In short: I'm blessed. I'm prepared. I'm well-informed. I'm a voracious blog reader. I'm well-connected in a small but tight network of knitters. I'm willing to invest in others. I'm aware that genetics (and orthodontia) has played a huge role in my physical appearance . . . but I refuse to credit luck. Please know that I don't dismiss any compliment - I'm grateful for all of them; but I'm not lucky.

It's easy to be dismissive of people who appear to do things effortlessly (although internally I do not count myself among those who experience life effortlessly), and it's so easy to form a wrong impression based on what little I share here. Do I shamelessly stash? Am I showing off? Am I boasting? Am I a spendthrift? You know, the bottom line is that I can't be responsible for what others think, so I fully enjoy the freedom I have here to express whatever I want to express -- and that is part of what I was alluding to in an earlier post. What prompted this? I've just been observing from a distance the tendency that some seem to have (expressed in forum postings, offhand and under-the-breath comments, message boards) to be unkind and presumptive. I value frugality, minimalism and austerity, but I also want to share the things I discover along this path I'm traveling.

I'm blessed.


Sounds great. I'm trying to let go of judgments of others and myself and just live my life regardless. What makes me happy, makes me happy and that's all there is to it, right?

The blues are a pretty amazing match! Glad you're done with the tooth pain bit...

Hmm, I knew there was a reason I didn't spend a lot of time on message boards... for the same reason I don't spend a lot of time listening to the news. Discouraging. Disheartening.

I always enjoy the things you share and I look forward to reading your blog. :)

I love Tiffany blue.

I have never understood why people would rather be mean than just stop reading something that bothers them. Silly, I think.

What a great post. Thank you for reminding me - I try not to judge or make assumptions but I'm sure I do from time to time.

I really like the idea of being blessed, rather than lucky. That is a great way of looking at things.

funny. i have never been one to judge. i think i was taught that, and am trying very hard to teach my children that.
i am always amazed at others actions in certain situations.
yes. blessed, not lucky.
LOVE both blues. the knits, and your tiffany necklace. both are sweet and beautiful,

Beautiful post, Janet. Thanks!

Thank you for a thoughtful and lovely post. I read it while waiting on a plane (now delayed). The colors have brightened my morning and reminders of gratitude are always welcome.


Excellent thoughts, Ma'am! :)

(and I hope your teeth are better!)

Wow! What a different perspective we share. I think luck has played a huge part in where I am today (my move to Seattle, my job placement, and my incredible relationship with T all just feel like they were the result of stars aligning), but I also believe (in a totally un-hippie way!) that the universe feeds off of what you put out there, and that you will get out of life what you want. So, yes, I guess it's a balance. Luck may play a part, but it's also what you DO with that those opportunities that matters. (After all, the transition out here wasn't at all easy, and I work hard at my job AND my relationship!)

OMG! How did this comment become all about me? LOL!

Anyway, I love your blog and I'm glad you're re-embracing it!

Au contraire, Vanessa! We probably agree more than you think. I'm not discounting your belief in luck (or fate), but I do think that luck favors the prepared mind and heart. I also think that one finds what they seek (speaking of being metaphysical and hippie).

You have a LOT to be proud of and I know that you wouldn't want all that you have and who you are today to be chalked up to just blind luck. It might have placed you in situations that were new and unknown and crazy, but ultimately, like you said, you have worked hard to have the life you have.

Another great, thought provoking blog entry. Thank you.

This post was balm for the soul today. Both your thoughts and the colors were eloquent indeed. For me, it comes down to gratitude -- although I don't always have time to express it. Whether we ascribe our circumstances to luck or hard work or whatever, I think what's essential is the ability to step back -- however briefly -- to give thanks. So, thank you. And, as a dentally challenged individual, I am glad your teeth are feeling better!

Hear hear! I agree. Thanks for a great and thoughtful entry :-)

Whoops I was looking for an email response (because you're good like that) and I didn't realize you'd posted a comment on the blog.

OK, thanks for the clarification. I am *totally* with ya on this one. ("Luck favors the prepared mind and heart" -- what a great quote!)

P.S. (!) Isn't it surprising how out-of-sorts you can feel when you have unfinished knits looming over you? That was how I felt up until last week, when I alluvasudden finished 3 knits in one weekend (none of which were for me, btw!). Glad to hear everything's back on track... for now at least. heh.

I love how you wrote this J. I won't say any more here, but as you know, I agree with you on every level. x

You certainly are blessed...there is nothing nicer than that little blue box filled with a surprise.

I really enjoyed this post. I have been thinking a lot recently about blogging, how I do and what I aim for, and been berating myself a little in the last few days, thinking about other posts that I've admired and could compare unfavourably, perhaps, with some of mine. Yours straightened the rug a little under my feet. Thank you.

That outta control feeling is an uneasy one for those of us who like to feel in control (or are under the delusion we are in control!). Glad you are back in control. Love the blue and the pouch. Sorry to hear about the *stuff* - its your blog and you can bloody well right about whatever you want! If people don't like it they don't have to read it. I love reading it. Keep being you.

Wonderful words and very well stated. We read certain blogs because we want to read "YOU"; your perspective on things and your view of life. It's most important for humankind to want to be better people with less judgement of each other.

Way to go.