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I'm Random and I'm Lazy

I'm random and I'm lazy, but I hope I make up for it with generosity. Read on.

of Spritely Goods was nice enough to tag me for a meme. I've done this meme twice (here and here) and I'm sure there are some really weird things y'all don't know about me yet, but I always think I end up sounding bitchy and picky in my posts on this subject. So, instead of doing another one, I thought I would offer to let YOU share YOURS (if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged). Up for grabs is THIS skein of Manos Silk Blend (Color 3055), approx 150 yds / 135 m. All you have to do is share your seven random/weird things in the comments or leave a link for me if you've already blogged your seven. I'd much rather read yours than mine.

Manos Silk Blend

Manos Silk Blend

I'll draw names on March 21, 2008. There may be more than one winner, but only one lucky knitter will get this gorgeous skein of Manos Silk Blend.

Thank you all for the valuable advice and feedback you shared regarding your PC / Mac experiences! It's been very helpful. I won't be making my purchase till April or May, but I will certainly share here when I do! Thanks again.


random/weird, hmmm...

1. As a small child I loved running through the jungle to the hospital where my father worked...
2. It's nearly impossible for me to talk without using my hands, even on the phone...
3. I'm embarrassed to say I eagerly anticipated riding a horse to school when we moved to TX, because that's how everyone gets around in TX, right?
4. I'm easily swayed by the last person I've talked to...
5. By the look of my house, no one would guess that I'm a closet perfectionist... (they would, however, see the procrastinator)...
6. Considering all the blue and green I surround and dress myself with, you might not guess that my favorite color is red...
7. Many of my very good friends would never get along with each other...

(Way to draw out lurkers, Janet!)

Oh, yummy!

Um, I've done 6 weird things. Chaos has done 5 weird things. And May's done 8 things...

I just blogged my seven on 3 March, but for good measure and cause I really want that silk, here's another seven:
1. I love any food with melted cheese
2. my favourite colour is green
3. pink runs a close second
4. I can't resist a nice floral motif or pattern
5. I prefer crochet to knitting, but there aren't as many options with crochet
6. I love silk
7. I'm quite competitive (but in a nice way not a bitchy way!)
If you still want to know more, check out the blog post:

Yummy Manos! Must try to win! :)

1. My first major in college was Equine Science.
2. I hate the way silk feels. Can't wear it. Yuck!
3. My hair started going gray when I was 16.
4. I named my first cat Whistle Bird. I was 4 so I have no explanation for this.
5. I can change the brake pads on your car but can't change the oil.
6. If my job would allow, I'd totally have pink hair
7. I hate chickens. The animal - not the food.

Thank you all for playing along; I was delighted to get home from my errands and see all the comments! Mary, we'll have to talk about that #7 of yours. LOL!

1. I break out dancing for no reason at all about once a week. It can happen at work, at friend's house or even in a store.

2. I can curl my tongue and make cricket chirping noises.

3. When I was little I used to swim with my legs together while I was willing myself to turn into a Mermaid.

4.I love eating Hearts of Palm. Personally I think this is normal but husband doesn't an he pointed out no one else we know eats them.

5. Only own stick shift cars which I didn't think was weird until several males including my mechanic pointed out most women drive an automatic car.

6. Had many vivid dreams about my first love including knowing his first name two years before I randomly met him at a deli. When I saw him, it truly knocked the breath out of me.

7. Own two machetes. Mainly for gardening or in case of Zombie attack.

8. My brown eyes started changing to hazel several years ago and no one including my eye surgeon can explain why.

Wow. I am weird aren't I?

Ooooh, fun! I don't need more yarn, but I feel compelled to play along.

1. I own a gun. (T bought it for me for Christmas a couple years ago.)
2. I really enjoy shooting it! (It's a 10/22 Ruger.)
3. I don't consider myself competitive, but I think I really am.
4. I love talking to people, but I also find it to engage with the general public.
5. I'm the only one in my family with curly hair.
6. When I was little I used to want to own a stationery store, but I was convinced there was no money in it. (How wrong I was!)
7. I love going to the movies alone.

p.s. I love Debbie's comment about her dream!!! That's amazing.

Oooh pretty yarn...I posted mine on 14 March - here's a linky, hope it works


Here's some random words from the post to make it seem more interesting: sweet and salty, umbarella, touchtype, manual, shoes, ring, grey.

Ok. I'll give it a shot.
1. I talk to myself constantly. out loud. everyone can hear me.
2. I love sign language and often try to sign to random, non-signing people at the bar when I'm drunk.
3. I believe that I am the best dancer around, and often dance to my own singing. at work. in front of people.
4. I have problems with numbers in circles, including clocks and padlocks. I'm still learning to tell time at 27 years old.
5. I can pop my hips out of place, and have done it so much that I've destroyed a lot of the cartilage in my right hip.
6. My boyfriend thinks it's strange that I drink Crown Royal on the rocks and my coffee black.
7. I go to bed at 5am and wake up at 2pm on a regular basis, and I don't work overnight.
Not too terribly strange, but still...

Mmmm...I'm delurking for Manos!

7 wierd thing about me:

1. I love the smell of concrete. It's the only thing I like about doing laundry: going down into my unfinished basement and taking a big sniff.

2. I love snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, mice...but if I find an ant crawling on me I totally freak out.

3. I'm a really good swimmer (I used to swim competitively) but I have a terrible fear of open water.

4. I try and avoid baking, because I usually eat whatever I bake all by myself.

5. Once in high school, we fit 11 people into my Volvo sedan so that we could avoid walking 2 blocks to McDonalds in the winter.

6. The wierdest thing I've eaten is cow brain soup...I don't recommend it!

7. I love pink, but I will only wear pink socks.

Bribery will get me to post every time.

1. I am very, very nocturnal. As in, it's 7am and I am still awake... and this is normal for me.

2. I have trouble with facial recognition.

3. Nothing makes me happier then spending hours with my nose in a book studying medieval names.

4. My favorite pizza has jalapeños and anchovies.

5. I have an unholy love of Disneyland.

6. My favorite sashimi is maguro. Which is the boring choice. I can't help it-- I love it so.

7. I use too many em-dashes in my writing -- it's a stylistic tic. I blame Mark Twain.

1. I am a junk food junky.
2. My first car was a rusted out 69 Nova.
3. I hate small talk.
4. I dip french fries in milk shakes.
5. I love mowing my lawn.
6. I am always cold.
7. I spent 3 days waiting online for the Loopy Ewe to release the Wollmeise...only to have her do it one hour after I had to leave. :)

1. I love honey on my pizza
2. I knit socks for myself but don't wear them often.
3. I frequently have a dream of jumping off of a bridge and because of that dream, I avoid walking across high bridges because I don't know if I might actually do it.
4. I collect scrapbooking stuff, but rarely actually scrapbook.
5. I am terrible about sending cards to people.
6. I believe that fretting and worrying is a form of praying for people.
7. I love love love to mow the lawn.

I haven't swung by your blog (or anyone's blog) in ages. It's nice to reconnect off of Flickr with you. :)

Delurking to join the fun.

1. I take a day off from work every December to wrap Christmas gifts and watch the Pride and Prejudice mini-series. Been doing this for about a decade.
2. Cold cereal is my comfort food.
3. I like to knit sweaters. I don’t like to put them together. Consequently I have a lot of sweaters in pieces.
4. The cattle drive saga Lonesome Dove is my favorite novel.
5. I own all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons.
6. I love Cuban jazz.
7. I had mentally cast Richard Harris as Dumbledore and Alan Rickman as Snape while reading HP:The Sorcerer’s Stone years before the film.

What a great skein of manos. Love the color. :)
You don't have to put me in the drawing just wanted to stop by and say I soooo know what you mean bout memes. hehe

1. I was born in Australia but moved to the US when I was six months old. My dad was stationed in the Navy there.
2. I am terrified of insects, especially beetles and anything that flies like moths, cicadas, grasshoppers, butterflies, etc. If I go outside at night, porch lights have to be turned off. If porch lights are on and moths have gathered, I'll find another door to go in. If I go camping, I will not stay still too long in one spot with the flashlight.
3. It really bothers me when a toothpaste tube is squeezed in the middle. I have to start from the bottom and work up the tube.
4. It also really bothers me when people put a roll of toilet paper or paper towels on so that the paper comes out the bottom instead of over the top. The pattern is on one side for a reason.
5. I can bend my arms backwards a little at the elbow. I can also twist my arms so that the elbows are turned all the way out.
6. I've been to France three times. I lived in Tours for four months while studying abroad. I love France and the French language.
7. I hate clothing that has any ruffles, eyelets, embroidery, appliques, or anything else old womany. Add to that polyester pants.
8. When I sleep, I absolutely cannot sleep on my back. I have to sleep on my side with one knee up to my chest.

Where oh where to start....

1) Ii do not share my hairbrush with anyone...not my mom, not my best friend, not my boyfriend - its MINE!
2)I have a squishy nose - i dont think the catlidge goes all the way to the tip of my nose...lol
3) I have always dreamed of being a singer and yet i have a voice that even cats cringe at
4) I love to dance
5) I have such a sweet tooth that i can eat a shop full of choclate or icecream and NEVER feel sick
6) I love getting snail mail
7) I buy myself flowers because no one else does

Yay!! so fun! People get to read why I am so weird AND i may get a prize for it!

I blogged about my weirdness here:

1- I try not to get out of bed to an odd number on the alarm clock
2- I think I could eat pizza every day of the week and never tire of it
3- I'm tall and thin and eat more sour cream, butter, and other such high fat foods than most people I know, put together...
4- I'm a compulsive typo and grammar corrector when it comes to anything in print, yet rarely check my blog posts before posting- my sister often e-mails me to let me know of a typo!
5- I plant a garden every year despite having no real green thumb
6- I have 7 pairs of Dr. Martins, 2 of which were purchased in London, and a plaid pair of 18 hole boots which was bought somewhere in Scotland
7- I rarely where my 18 hole boots anymore, but I would never dream of parting with them

1. I used to have nightmares about squiggly lines and the colour yellow that scared the crap out of me.
2. I collect old cookbooks. The prize of my collection is a book of recipes used by prostitutes during the gold rush.
3. I can drink you under the table if it's scotch, but I'm down for the count after one glass of wine.
4. In high school I thought it would be funny to make particular funny sounds when I was doing particular actions, and now I do them unconsciously.
5. I have a collection of French onion soup bowls. I have never made French onion soup, nor do I intend to start.
6. I have seen each episode of Yacht Rock (google it, you will not regret it) at least 5 or 6 times. That number increases each time I make a new friend watch the series.
7. I own a filing cabinet with no files in it, just piles of papers.

Oh I like this already, it's kinda like you get to look in everybody's medicine cabinet when you're over for dinner. ;)

1. I scratch the roof of my car whenever I drive under a yellowlight. This is more about warding off bad luck than getting good luck.

2. My husband has never seen my natural hair color. I have been dying it red for 5 years now. We have been married for 2.

3. I am anal about vacuuming (2 hairy dogs, and 1 cat). First I have to go across the carpet from left to right. Then dump the canister. Then you go up and down. Then dump the canister. And you have to go slowly, none of this zip, zip, zip crap!

4. I have a thing for men shorter than me. Which explains why my first marriage to Mr. 6'4" didn't work and why I am now blissfully happy with Mr. 2" shorter than I am.

5. I am the toilet plunger queen. I can unclog any toilet with my mad plunger skills (honed during my single momhood).

6. If you cut me, I bleed ice cream, same for the rest of my mom's side of the family. We eat more ice cream pound for pound in the winter than the summer.

7. My face is crooked, or maybe it's my nose, or my ears. I don't know. All I know is whenever I wear sunglasses they are always cockeyed just a wee bit.

That was fun!

1) I'm a night owl. I'd much rather stay up late than get up early to get something extra accomplished.
2) No matter how beautiful the stitch pattern, boxy drop sleeved sweaters make me go "ugh!"
3) I'm mostly a jeans and t-shirt person and sort of wish for an occupation that would require a little more dressing up..if only to get me out of this rut.
4) The sound of people chewing food with their mouths open drives me crazy.
5) I don't wear my handknits as often as I should.
6) I don't like celery or coconut.
7) I choose to be blog-free.

1. I can bark like a chihuahua.

2. I can write in cursive backwards with hardly a second thought about it. Quite legibly, too.

3. I lived on a Swiss dairy farm for a year.

4. I collect refrigerator magnets from places I've been. (A few in my collection were obtained on my behalf by friends or relatives traveling to interesting places.) I like 'em as tacky and cheesy and possible. I'm up to about 200 now. And they are all on display on my fridge.

5. I never change the clock in my car when daylight savings time switches on or off. This drives my husband nuts.

6. One of my best friends is someone I've never met. We became snail-mail penpals fifteen years ago!

7. I am militantly anti-olive (much to my olive-loving husband's dismay) but love olive oil.

Let's see...

1. I have the complete collection of Star Wars Pez dispensers.
2. I refuse to clean the bathroom thus my husband and I have a partnership where he cleans the bathroom and I do the dishes...always.
3. I have a huge grad school debt that I cannot pay off since I now live outside of the country and do not work.
4. I have a hard time using my Hello Kitty Band-Aids. They're just too cute to use up.
5. I think I have a sock yarn addiction and I don't know how to stop it.
6. I'm not a vegetarian but I hate meat.
7. I'd like to do a triathlon but am too lazy to start running again.

The magnificent seven:
1. I like to sniff the printers ink from books and magazines printed outside the US.
2. I used to wear bright lime green plaid bell bottom pants (circa 1971-72 of course)
3. I have a ham radio license.
4. My first car (that I bought) was a yellow Fiat 128 with bondo filled doors.
5. The stupidest/lamest movie I have to watch every time I run into it? Overboard.
6. I own all the Emma Peel episodes on DVD. All the other women Avengers were just posers.
7. I only read Clive Cussler books if they have Dirk Pitt (or now Dirk Pitt Jr.) in them.

So I've done a 7x7 meme, with 7 things I cannot do, http://knitnzu.com/?p=89, and some of them are weird. But in case you don't think so,
1. Two webbed toes on each foot (thus #6 on the cannot do list)
2. Hate stray hairs touching me but don't mind a hairy wooly sweater
3. Lifetime of alligator dreams, though I've never lived in a place that has them
4. Vivid and sometimes prophetic dreams, but not so much about alligators
5. I feel very sexy in long, comfy shorts with good pockets, hiking socks, and boots (these can be work boots, hiking boots, rubber barn boots)
6. Dressing as in #5 has never resulted in actually having sex
7. When I think about doing my taxes, I get the feeling of ants all over me. Ick!

1) As much as I love knitting socks, I prefer to go barefoot whenever I can.

2) I don't have pierced ears. For some reason this surprises people, even though I don't usually wear any other jewellery either.

3) I grew up cooking on a wood stove, and I miss it.

4) I don't get enough sleep.

5) I have trouble recycling paper that is good on one side. I have a big stack of it that I plan to use someday.

6) I am too lazy to work out properly, but I love to dance as long as nobody can see me. I do push-ups during the slow songs.

7) I would like to travel to Iceland someday.

HA!! I luv this reverse meme and the ONLY reason why I am going to do this! LOL

I actually have one I did a very loooooong time ago:
BUT will do a new one just for you!! ;o)

Anything for some Silk Manos!!!!!!!
No shame in being a yarn whore! ;op Haha!

1. I used to be a shacker! ;op Yep this angel face used to shack up with a man in my younger wild years! Haha!

2. My mother died tragically (murdered) when I was 5 yrs old

3. My father just donated his DNA

4. I have alopecia areata, meaning hair loss of my entire scalp. I have no hair!! And barely eyebrows. Surprise! That indeed is a wig! ;o)

5. I was raised by my aunts. Blessed that I didn't become a foster kid.

6. I really didn't have a prom date. Nobody wanted to go with me! So my last resort was my high school best friend's cousin named "Coolio"....for the life of me I don't know his real name!!

7. I have had internet crushes before! ;op Haha!

Guess this ended up being way more personal than I anticipated....but I luv & trust your good heart Janet!! :o)

And will deny anything repeated past this page! ROTFL!!

1. I'm 46 and I took up ice climbing only three years ago
2. I eat salad out of a bag...it saves on dishes
3. I buy art instead of furniture
5. I love weird people
6. I hyperventilate in malls so I don't shop in them
7. I have the same hairdo I've had since grade 2

1. My everyday car is Right Hand Drive.
2. I have traveled through 47 states (#48 in May!)and lived in 13.
3. I poke holes in people for a living.
4. I have a tiny rabbit who bosses around 3 big cats.
5. I am a foot and half shorter than my husband.
6. I won't cook. But I will do dishes.
7. I damaged my hearing flying WWII open-cockpit biplanes.

1. I can't go to bed if the closet door is open. My husband thinks it's weird that I'm still afraid of closet monsters.
2. I'm actually an introvert but everyone who knows me thinks I'm an extrovert.
3. I need silence and solitude to recharge and it's hard to get that with two little kids so I stay up waaaaay too late at night once they're in bed.
4. I love having a long transit commute to work so that I can sit and knit and watch videos on my ipod for a guaranteed 35-minute span
5. I buy yarn online as retail therapy. (Oh wait, in this crowd, is that weird or original?)
6. I miss going to science fiction conventions
7. I always buy too many toys for my kids.

1. As far back as I can remember, I've always had to lie on my back to fall asleep at night. But since I've been married, I often can't fall asleep unless I'm lying on my side.

2. I suffer from severe motion sickness and sometimes even feel it in the car when I'm the driver!

3. I'm of Chinese descent but have absolutely no desire to visit mainland China (though I have been to Taiwan and Hong Kong before)

4. I can't stand shiitake mushrooms.

5. I love TiVo and can't believe I ever lived without it.

1. I don't have my driver's license. I am 33 and I have no desire to drive.
2. I can read upside down.
3. I hate mopping. If I have to do it, I pour water on the floor and mop that way.
4. I have scoliosis, my cleavage is lopsided. I tend not to wear low cut blouses because I think it will be noticeable.
5. I love bloody horror films. But I hate blood in real life, get queasy.
6. I collect nice yarns, I don't want to make anything with them, I just like owning them.
7. I buy my girls toys that I want.

Oops! I seem to have missed two on my list...

6. Though I was always better at math/science than other subjects in school, I'm far better at puzzles which involve letters/words (e.g. crosswords) than those which involve numbers (e.g. sudoku)

7. I sometimes get very emotional and cry when I see perfect strangers/fictional characters succeed (win a reality show competition, sport championship, get the girl/guy, or whatever) when I'm watching a movie or TV because I'm so happy for them. It makes me feel like the universe is in order when someone strives hard to achieve something and triumphs.

1. My dearest wish is to build and live in a zombie-proof cabin.

2. I'm scared of bunnies and deer.

3. Last summer I dyed my muffstache hot pink.

4. I'm a pogonophile.

5. When I was a kid I created an elaborate government system including currency for My Little Ponies.

6. I love giraffes because they are two things I will never be - tall and graceful.

7. I named my cat Dave.

1. I won't wear red anything if I can help it. Red bothers me.

2. But I love green, which is why I had to enter!

3. When I was a kid, I had a guinea pig named Mrs. Tiggywinkle.

4. I like gingersnaps with blue cheese on them.

5. I am right now listening to my hubby practicing the oboe (Bach Double Concerto).

6. I taught myself how to make tatted lace.

7. I have 2 sisters who are 2 years and 18 years younger than I am.

I've done this several times, the most recent is here:
and contains the links to all the previous versions

1. I always hit the snooze alarm at least once.

2. I have a dog named Blowfish.

3. I'm the middle child.

4. I'm right handed but I golf, play pool and swing a bat as if I were left handed.

5. The only musical instrument I can play is the radio.

6. I was supposed to be born in April and was to be named April. They had to change the whole plan when I didn't come along until May.

7. My favorite yarn in the whole world is Manos Silk Blend in color #3055.

ooh! thanks for offering the yummy manos!

1. i am addicted to Tums. i love the flavor, the chalkiness, the metallic aftertaste.
2. most days i eat a bowl of popcorn for lunch (homemade with olive oil and fine ground salt)
3.i am scared to death of touching crickets
4.i have re-read Gary Paulson's Hatchet every year since 3rd grade. i love it.
5. i don't own a cell phone, and i like it that way.
6. i am pathological about riding in a car with the doors locked. if they are unlocked and the car is moving - i come unglued.
7. on tuesdays, the kids and i stay in our PJs all day and never the leave house.

1. I have a moderate case of OCD, most people who do not spend hours a day with me at work or home would not know this. Although in my profession it is a plus!

2. I grew up in a seriously small town in a trailer park and a farm before that. Our high school was made up of 13 towns combined and our class had only 135 students.

3. I sing lead vocal in an alternative rock band.

4. That i love asparagus but cannot really stomach brussel sprouts. I will always eat my veggies before the rest of my meal.

5. That i really feel like i am anti-social but get along well with almost everyone and have always worked with lots of people, in customer service oriented careers.

6. That i did not eat meat for more than half the years i have been alive.

7. That one day i may be a punker, a yuppie, a granola girl, a chic sophistocate all depending on my mood but i am most happy in shorts, a flannel shirt and hiking boots out in the woods!

Janet - you are much more clever than I am :)
As you know, I got tagged by the random meme 2x in as many days...
my links are:


Seven strange things? Only seven? ;)

1. I have a latex balloon phobia. No, really. I start hyperventilating if I get too close to your average balloon.
2. I've worked as a figure model for art classes to pay rent through college.
3. I have texture issues with food that make me be very sick if I try to eat anything that could be described as green and leafy, like lettuce.
4. I live in anticipation of a zombie uprising. Note "anticipation," not "dread."
5. My hair has been every color of the rainbow except for blond. Green is my favorite.
6. I collect giant squid/cephalopod paraphernalia.
7. I have to have my neck covered by a small blanket or scarf when I go to sleep or I feel uneasy.

...Yeah, I'm a strange one.

1. My nerves are crossed from a childhood accident and I break out in a sneezing fit anytime someone brushes my hair.
2. I have to set 3 alarms... and I generally oversleep anyways.
3. I would rather clean toilets than do the dishes.
4. When I was a child I had an unnatural obsession with cows. I lived in the city, but my whole bedroom was decorated with them.
5. Several years ago I met Sinbad in the Mrs. Fields Cookie Cart line at the airport.
6. I get really worked up over game shows and often end up yelling the answers at the contestants.
7. I like to dance in the grocery store... it embarrasses my hubby but we are always there late at night and they actually play some good grooves!