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Noro Kureyon Felted Scraps Tote Bag

Noro Kureyon Felted Scraps Tote Bag with Leather Handles
See more details regarding the tote on Ravelry

Noro Kureyon Felted Scraps Tote Bag with Leather Handles

Almost four years ago, I knit this tote bag with my Noro Kureyon leftovers -- I'd knit three Booga Bags and had a smallish amount of leftover Kureyon and then scored a bargain on a couple more skeins. I had this idea to knit a tote in order to have a good project to take to Tuesday night Sit & Knits. When I finally finished knitting the bag, I felted it and had plans to sew handles on it and use it as a knitting bag. I purchased an inexpensive handle but ended up feeling indifferent and uninspired about it -- I was not at all excited about attaching it the bag, so I kept the tote in a pile of finished knits in my closet. A few months ago, Twisted Yarns received a shipment of Grayson E handbag accessories and leather handles in assorted sizes and colors. The 25" handles were exactly what I wanted, so I bought them. They have pre-punched holes and handles were easily attached to the bag by backstitching a double strand of DMC Perle Cotton (Col 9038) and now I love this bag! There are some great Grayson E handbag patterns available now also.

Click here to download my pattern.


I totally understand about the handles - not being able to find nice ones is what's stopping me making more bags. These ones are fabo! And this bag will be perfect for that mac!

Those are fantastic handles. I've never knit a bag because whenever I see handles they all seem to be plastic, bamboo or chunky. Thanks for sharing your find.

Very cute bag Janet! Yay for leftovers. :)

I love it! Please do post the pattern if you get the chance. :)

I love it! Please post the pattern...I love the size...great for carrying lots of things!

It's perfect!

I think it's absolutely adorable!!

Love all the vibrant colors and the leather handle is perfect. I find it hard to find a handle that looks good and you have the perfect fit.

Came out beautiful!! Love it! And is a classic piece for your wardrobe accessories!

That is an awesome bag. I love those handles...the handles alone would make me knit a bag!

I love this tote. I know what you mean about finding the right handles. They can make or break a bag. These handles are just perfect!

Those handles really do look nice on your bag.

So lovely! I noticed that display of handles and have been eyeing them. I have yarn for a bag but have too many UFO's going on. I need to get a move on!

Lovely how the colors work together!

Its an awesome bag.

Please post the pattern!
Love the bag and handles.

I love the bag and the handles are perfect. That would be great if you typed out the pattern. Thank you.

I really love the look of that bag!

I cast on today. Heh. I think-but it was way too easy compared to last year when I tried and so I think I'm wrong. LOL

RYC: Yes! Moving, again. Back to Artesia for about a year-another tour of instructing. It was something he really wanted to do-since his teaching stint was cut short by our transfer. But hey-it means I don't have to do Montana this coming Winter and THAT is a good thing. ;)

What a beautiful bag!!!!!

The combination of color is just beautiful...=0)