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Off-course, of course

This weekend, I had that unsettled feeling of having veered off-course. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I have to stop and remind myself of my mission and goals.

There's been knitting, but nothing much to show yet (it's a shop sample) - lots of stockinette in the round and you saw a preview a few entries ago. The knitting sets the stage for the thoughts that are the true undercurrent of my writing and blogging here. Knitting helps me think -- it's mind- and heart-expanding. I couldn't write if I didn't knit.

I'm still organizing all the data regarding my family ancestry -- both the Japanese side and the Irish/Scottish/German side. I have two stacks on my desk and they're separated: the "H" side (my maiden name) and the "F" side (my mother's maiden name). I work best from stacks rather than files, so I'm doing what works for me, but if you were to visit right now, I'm sure it would look like clutter to you.

The most overwhelming part was sensing all the stories that want to be told -- I can pick something out of either stack and tell a compelling story based on what I know or what I've learned - hence, that off-course feeling. To get back on course is to focus on my OWN story. I'm the only one who can tell it. I'm the only one who can share my own experiences - the people I've met, the places I 've visited and loved. We four sisters grew up with very different experiences due to our age differences and having lived all over the world. My younger sister and I are only 22 months apart so some of our memories are shared, but we don't often share the same point of view. I don't think that's uncommon, but it's part of what made me realize that I need to focus on my own unique perspective.

The Patons Merino hat that I blogged about last week was finished that same day.I used to think it was so odd that others could knit a plain (or fancy!) hat in less than 24 hours, but now I can too. When did that happen? (And oddly enough, it's almost cold enough here today to NEED a hat).

Patons Merino FO :: Basic Hat

Finally, to wrap up this post, I finally figured out the handles I want to use for the Noro Kureyon Scraps Bag I knit in 2004. (Ravelry link here). I used the leftover Kureyon from the Booga Bags I knit that year plus some additional single skeins I had acquired to knit a large project bag.

Felted Noro Scraps Bag

So it's back to the knitting for a while.


That's so funny because my sister and I were just reminiscing about something recently, and she had an entirely different opinion about it. I suppose we all have our own experiences based on how we view things.

We all live in a different reality, don't we? How big is that bag? Fun colors!

I love that little electric blue line running through it!

I spied that Noro bag over on Ravelry and just had to take a peek, it is stunning!!

I've always wanted a sister. And it seems the older I get the more I wish I had someone to connect with in that way.

That's some fast hat knitting. :)
ooohhh I love how colorful the bag is.

Most excellent colors running through that bag of yours.

Love the swirl in your hat. I know I recognize the swirl but can't place it. Suppose I should check your stats on Ravelry.

I hope you'll share sometime how you came to accumulate the documents that are helping you piece together family history - especially the ones related to Japan! I can't even envision how - or where - to begin a journey like that! :)

I think focusing on your story is going to be amazing and I'm pretty sure all the other stories wil finds it's way and proper place in the total story that way. ((hugs))

The off course feeling can be unsettling, but I've also found it to be very freeing at times too!

btw, I memed you....

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