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Places I don't go

NYC skyline - photo taken from the Affinia Hotel in Manhattan

My husband has to travel a lot for his job and I stay here and run things. Somebody asked me once if I was envious of his business travel and I'm really not -- traveling WITH my family is a lot more appealing to me than traveling without them. I know my husband was sincere when he said that he wished I could have been at the Waldorf Astoria when Martha Stewart was being honored at the "Go Red for Women" luncheon. And while I do have a list of yarn shops I would have visited if I'd been in NYC, it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun if I'd been alone.

That's not to say that I don't have travel in my future. I'm making a list of places I would like to go and hope to update our passports soon.

These past few weeks, I've really felt the loss of my laptop but I've deferred the purchase of its replacement for a few more months. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from other knitters about Macs vs. PCs. If you used the one and are now using the other, I'm curious to hear your thoughts. I'm most concerned with portability, battery life, ease of wireless connection and your experiences using a Mac with Flickr and Ravelry (i.e. the browser). I won't be using Photoshop or graphics software -- I'll be using it for long-term writing projects, blogging, Flickr and Ravelry. I like to knit while I read blogs and obviously prefer something very lightweight.

I've been working on some gift knitting and am almost finished with the simple knitted shell with the RYC Cashcotton DK (Ravelry link here, but no updated project info yet). On Thursday, I got to meet up with another local knitter at Starbucks and knit for a while on my take-along sock. Earlier in the week, I stopped by Twisted Yarns and bought the leather straps for the Noro bag. I chose the longer (large, rolled 25") leather straps in dark brown. I might have also bought another skein of Online Supersocke 100.

I've continued to work on some of the genealogy research I started a few weeks ago. One of my aunts has helped fill in a lot of missing information and another aunt and a cousin have gotten in touch with me after my not having talked to them in over 34 years. This time last year, Sallie found most of my American family's ancestry information and I wouldn't have had such a good start without her. Lisa and one of her good friends has been helping me with the Japanese side. Of course, I now wish I had learned to speak and write Japanese (and no, it's not too late) as that would have helped immensely!

Here's another photo of my sisters and me that I don't think I ever saw before last week:


It was taken the same day as this one.


I love my PC however I know a bunch of knitters that swear by Mac. Got no real help coming from me! ;)

Janet, I went from PC's to Macs in '92 and never turned back. I *love* my Mac and it's all we use now. I just feel it's much better designed and a lot more intuitive. No probs with Flickr or Ravelry (Casey is a Mac user).

Travel is always more fun with a fun companion, I think.

As for your Mac/PC dilemma, let me weigh in as a very happy (but not obsessed) Mac user. I have a MacBook that I bought in mid-2006 and use daily (sometimes for hours and hours at a time!) There is a browser that comes with the Mac that works okay, but I used it to download FireFox almost right away and would never consider changing. I visit Flickr and Ravelry all the time and never have a problem. The battery life depends on how heavily you're using it (burning cds seems to eat up extra power), but I haven't noticed that it's disappointingly short (sorry that I don't have more specific information!) I take it with me to coffee shops and on road trips and international adventures and have never had a wireless connection issue that was my computer's fault.

I use PCs and PC laptops every day for my work, and my MacBook blows them out of the water for ease of use and durability. When this one dies, I will go straight to an Apple store without even thinking about it.

Hope that helps!

Christine (bigpinkcookie) just switched to Mac recently... if she makes a trip to your store, you should ask her! :)

I am another one of your cousins from Martins Ferry (although I have been living in Atlanta for over 20 years). I think we met once when your family was passing through Ohio on your way to Oklahoma in the early 1970s. If you want to contact me, I can probably provide you with some information that you may not have about your Grandma H (I am the oldest of five children, and I probably spent more time with her than any of my brothers and sisters did). BTW, one thing I have in common with your father is that my wife is Asian (Vietnamese). Although we didn't have any children together, she had two boys with her first husband who was also American. They met during the Vietnamese War but became separated around 1970 because she wasn't willing to leave her family in VN at that time. Her first husband died in either 1982 or 1983, and she and boys did not come to the US until 1986.

What a beautiful photo of all the sisters! How lucky you are.

I think you are tech-savvy enough to make a switch to a Mac if you so choose. I have a couple of friends who went Mac and absolutely love them and go on and on about how wonderful they are. Unfortunately, at least one of them isn't knowledgeable enough to make her documents be "friends" with my computer. She loves loves loves her... um. I can't think of the name of the program, but whatever it is, she is nuts about the extreme power and ease of use it seems to have. But for the life of her, she can't figure out how to save those nifty calendars and spreadsheets and documents in a format the rest of us can view.

You could, though! Total confidence in ya there! :)

I'm a Dell girl. I used to work for a publishing company that swore by Macs for their "superior" image processing and page layout abilities however we were forever calling in service techs to fix conflicts and glitches.

Then when I started freelancing 8 years ago I sunk a lot of money into a super cute iMac (I guess I'm a sucker for slick marketing) and in less than a year I was greeted with a "sad Mac" face which rendered the thing into little more than an expensive door stop. I will never again buy a Mac. Too temperamental! Plus, Mac accessories cost nearly 2x as much as similar PC accessories!

I've never had anything but great experiences with my Dell laptop - which I keep on between 12-16 hours every day. I'm a writer and in addition to knitting, my other passion is photography. While I don't blog, I do read tons of them and also regularly use Word, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Flickr and Ravelry, all without any issues. The battery life on my Inspiron is great - I usually get about 3.5 hours out of it. I also liked that I could custom build my laptop to include all of the hardware and software that I'd need. And the service - which I've only needed once in 8 years - has been top notch. Hope that helps!

(PS - I currently work with a publishing company that uses Macs and we've never had any PC/Mac conflict issues.)

I am a new Mac owner (2008) and I absolutely love it. You bring it home, turn it on, do minimal set up and wahla! I purchased the Microsoft suite for Mac (I think it was $150) and all my excel and word docs are transferable to my husbands think pad. If you live near at apple store you can sign up for one-to-one service for $79. You are entitled to 1 hour of training per week for a year. Need more info?

I have a small (4.1 lb) Toshiba PC that I love. It has XP Pro on it; I'm not sure I'd love it as much with Vista...

Great photo! You and your sisters are so cute!

Mac vs. PC...I use a PC. My daughter uses a Mac. She loves, loves, loves her Macbook. I do get on her Mac sometimes, and it's easy to use.

I've been a hardcore Mac fan since 1991, and they're all I've ever owned personally - but I have also had to use mostly PCs for work purposes. I can see the benefits of both, but honestly, I think for what you describe, a MacBook (not a Pro, even, but the smaller ones) would be perfect.

I have adored mine since I got it, and do all the things you describe through FireFox, too. The only issue I would see is battery life (in the neighborhood of 3 hours with continuous live-screen use). But it's highly portable, quick to pick up signals, and works beautifully with Flickr and my blog host.

Also: a wide variety of knitblogs are composed on Macs. Don't ask me for a list - I'm forgetful! - but I promise it's true. :)

Oh, I bet I can name the yarn stores you'd visit in NYC! :)
And how exciting that your cousin has made contact via the blog!

PS: Mac!

I have no idea about macs. I can't help you there. LOL I'm with you on the traveling. My first thought was that I would like to go solo and do whatever I wanted, but I think I enjoy sharing things WAY too much. Probably to my detriment! LOL

Hi - I'm one of your block "lurkers" but I'll come out for this one! I was hard-core PC until a friend sat me down with their Mac. I've had my Powerbook for 3 years and I never want to go back. I carry a PC laptop for work, and so I have a constant reminder of why I love my Mac. Blogging, Ravelry, flickr, it's a snap, and I love the operating system.
Anyway! I really enjoy your blog! Thanks!

It's so easy to pick out which one is you in your family photo. I like reading about your family history research.

As for computers, I'm a mac person at home and a PC person at work. Doing a lot of graphics and photo editing, I find the mac to be so much easier to navigate around, because you can drag images between applications, or whoosh everything away so you can see your desktop. It makes it really easy to navigate between the software programs. Also, as far as laptops, they're pretty lightweight, even if you went with one of the "older" models. ALSO, you can buy them refurbished under the same warranty as new on the mac website - I did that last time and was really happy with it.

I love all your photos - so lovely and fun!

And I'm contemplating getting a new laptop too and I've never used Mac but the BF swears by it so I'm thinking of trying out a Macbook.

I made the switch recently to Mac (and I used to be die hard PC worked for the evil empire girl) and in all honesty I dont regret it in the least.
I think the final deciding factor was knowing that I could run both PC and Mac applications...

if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Hi Janet! I would strongly recommend the MAC if $$ isn't an object, I just love the easy interface and logical design of it. I also recommend using Firefox or Camino or one of the other Mozilla browsers, they are the best. I've heard that Safari doesn't work so well on Ravelry, but I quit using it a long time ago.

My Jacob got me a Mac for my birthday in October and I *love* it. I was always a PC person before, but I will never go back!

Safari 3 works well with Ravelry... I usually have Safari and Firefox both open doing different things on Ravelry throughout the day. Also, Ravelry is made on a Mac so is certainly compatible. The Flickr uploadr thingie for Macs is easy peasy. I love my Mac!!

You're never alone in NY as long as the Knitters know you're there!

go for the mac! I was mac user for more than 15 years and now have to use a PC at work! Yuck. Macs are more user friendly and look better. The new supper skinny and light mac laptop may be just what you need.

what beautiful girls/women!

i'm making the switch from pc to mac, and i have to admit i love my mac, but i still use my pc for writing things, although i just got microsoft office for my mac.

i don't have a laptop...but i do plan on getting a macbook sometime in the near future...good luck with what you choose. sorry i can't be of more help besides: i really still use them both...

Great photography! Love the way you set up your shots. What type of camera do you use?