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Back in business


I'm back in business. I got a new MacBook last week but had a family emergency and wasn't able to fully engage myself in learning this new and different operating system. But the little I've been able to play with it since then? Awesome.

Some of you wanted to see the nearly-complete Lizard Ridge blanket for which I knit two of the squares:

A.M. seaming Lizard Ridge

Lizard Ridge during seaming

Details: This is a group project -- a knit=along of sorts -- for a gift. I surprised myself by completely changing my mind about the Lizard Ridge by the time I finished the first square. Had I not HAD to do my part for this gift by knitting two squares, I would have given up. However, I adore this pattern now and I'm looking forward to making another one.


Congrats on the new device! Most excellent!! Glad to see you are back in business!!!
Lizard Ridge looks great! Sounds like you conquered it! Hope the family issues are getting better!

Wonderful! I had printed out this pattern a while ago and tucked it away in a notebook waiting for the right moment -- I love seeing your version. As always, you provide inspiration.

absolutely stunning, gorgeous blanket...the colors are wonderful. It is such an artisan piece of art...

Oooh, enjoy your new toy!

Wow! It has really come along since I last saw the blanket. Did you ladies ever choose a color for the border?

Ooooh! Ooooh! That Lizard Ridge square is beautiful! I'm so glad you perservered.... And the blanket turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Thanks for posting pics of the whole thing in its entirety.

Have fun with the MacBook!!! I'm glad you're "online" again! :)

p.s. Hope everything is well in the family!

Welcome to the Dark Side!!

I miss my Ibook. Bill now has it, and he bought me a new HP laptop. I shouldn't complain, but I'm so used to how well my Mac worked!

That Lizard Ridge is SO beautiful!

We switched to Mac about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. I love my iMac and iBook! You will love it and enjoy it.

The blanket looks gorgeous doesn't it! Glad you have your computer sorted out, it looks great.

The LR looks gorgeous. I'm halfway done with mine. But not looking forward to the seaming. Ugh.

I'm loving the colors and pattern in your blanket. I remember seeing Stacey's blanket and loving it too. Congrats on the new computer.

It's gorgeous!! But washing it... oy.

Cool! You got a Macbook! I'm so jealous because I can't wait to get one too! I'm just waiting for some retro pay to come through and I will get to be cool too! Hooray!

And how are you finding the transition from Win to Mac platform? I asked one of the guys in the store and he said it's not bad and fairly easy to make the move, but being a PC person since their inception with an IBM daddy I'm interested to see if it is easy. :)

And your Lizard is gorgeous! Beautiful colors!

That is one awesome-lookin' blanket! Very cool - I've never seen anything like it!

Looks wonderful!

Hope everything is okay in your family dept.

Oooo I hear you on the Mac stuff! And new computers are always fun to set up (that would be the computer dork in me talking!)

I like that lizard ridge blanket all put all together. Somehow, all of those colors really work together! It looks like a really nice project to work on with a group.

Goegeuos! Isn't it addictive? So, who had to do all the seaming?

I love the blanket!