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Completed :: Leaf Lace Scarf

Leaf Lace Scarf.jpg

I love scarves. I love living in a place where our winters require lightweight accessories and no bulky outerwear. And most of you already know that I adore green. So when I saw this color of Malabrigo merino laceweight on Spritely Goods, I had to have it. Although several knits distracted me from finishing this scarf as quickly as I would have liked, I devoted myself to it completely in the last week and finished it the day of my root canal.

In the past, I've started several other BIG lace projects only to make mistakes and get frustrated. This leaf pattern was something I could manage while watching television or when sneaking in some early morning knitting time.

And then there's dreamy red laceweight yarn:

Alpaca with a Twist - Fino - Ruby Slippers
Alpaca with a Twist, Fino: "Ruby Slippers"

While it seems this soft red yarn could easily distract me (once again), I've instead rescued another lace project from hibernation. So to satisfy some tactile desires, I did nothing more than wind the red yarn and swatch with it. Now it will sit for a while until I find the perfect pattern.

Before I close, I also wanted to share this cute little accessory bag from Splityarn:

Splityarn Toadstools

It's adorable and functional. I'm using it to carry stitch markers:

blue and green stitch markers from Funessa
Stitch Markers from Funessa


Love, love, LOVE the scarf! It's so soft and pretty - and the color! Just beautiful!

Great looking scarf!

The scarf is so goreously springy!! Cute bag and stitch markers, too.

Gorgeous. i love that colorway in the skein, but even better on that stunning scarf! I've also been ridiculously distracted with reds myself lately - that fino is beautiful - can't wait to see it transformed eventually. Of course, I'm also looking forward to seeing the Kimono shawl done too!

Such a pretty scarf - and a vibrant, springy color too!

I have one of those splityarn pouches too - so cute!

The green says early spring in all its glorious shades -- it's a treat for the eyes.

Your scarf is beautiful! I just started mine (in purple) and I am loving it! I'm sort of sad that I will be sending it to London once it's finished. ;)

Yes, that green is so luscious. Nice work!

That scarf is beautiful!

I can't wait to see what you knit up next!

That's a very pretty scarf and I love the color.

Beautiful! (sorry about the root canal)

Love the scarf! It turned out sensational. I love the stitch markers, too. I really like how you photographed everything. They look wonderful.

The Lace Leaf is beautiful, Janet. I have a single skein of Malabrigo lace weight in Butter. Is one skein enough to do your scarf?

Never mind answering. I just checked Ravelry and found the answer myself. Great pattern...now on my short list.

Gorgeous scarf!! I love it even more because it's green. :) And what a super cute new bag.

Gorgeous scarf, so delicate and ethereal!

Love the green scarf!

The scarf is Beautiful, and I adore the colour! I have not tired a lace pattern yet, so I am in Aww of your scarf!

Your scarf is beautiful.

Wow. That scarf's beauty makes me smile.

it is truly beautiful - i love the spring green.

Love the leaf scarf!!!!! The color, the design. Beautiful. It is soooooo nice. I just found your blog.....and I am so glad that I did!

The scarf is gorgeous!

I LOVE that scarf; it is so delicate looking and lovely! The colour is wonderful too!

The scarf is so fabulous & I love the color! I am going to give it a shot...I will let you know how it is coming along....

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