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Wordless Lizard

Edge of first Lizard Ridge Square
Noro Kureyon Color 165


Gorgeous - what's the yarn?

Which Noro is that?

Pretty! Looks like you got the hang of it!

this lizard HAS a word-gorgeous!!

Holy s#!+ awesome are my un-intelligent words for this! Really nice.

no words needed.

It's lizard love! The squares are fun to work. Katie and I are trying to work on one together for Ella.

I have tried to do the Lizzard Ridge several times and it keeps turning out horrible because my wraps and turs are not working. But yours is FANTASTIC. I am going to have to keep tryng.

OOh my! I see pins...does this mean you are all done?!?!

AND I see you have those W/T down now! ;o)

I SO wish I did it the Coco way as it is basically invisible!!

That picture says a thousand words :)

lovely photograph and color combination!

Sooo pretty! I just ordered an ungodly amount of Noro to make one. I had to - it was 45% off!

love the colors!

Lovely! I can't wait to see more.

Oh my, it's lovely...

Oh, oh, oh!

Show more please!

I'm working on Lizard Ridge now too. Yours looks beautiful!

Colors are fabulous!...so so pretty,

Absolutely no words required!