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Count to five

So I counted and I'm working on five things that I can't blog about till they're finished, and that means no in-progress photos or musings. However, you can still catch occasional random non-secret knitting photos on Flickr:

A peek

I started a shawl from Knitting Lace Triangles, by Evelyn Clark. The yarn is Mama Llama Silken Cash, which should be enough for a small shoulder shawl. I'm really enjoying the book and the straightforward approach to starting and knitting a triangular shawl. As is typical for me, I've started and re-started a few times and unless I can figure out where I lost two stitches, I'll probably frog again tomorrow (and the yarn is holding up well to all the frogging).

There are a few other things that are going to need my attention and some action. And it's possibly I'll have some non-vacation travel coming up. No escapism allowed, but the knitting does find its way into the spare moments here and there. I also make time to check in on blogs and websites to see what everybody's working on. There's absolutely no shortage of inspiration either:



Knit happy!

I have TWO magazines to give away to the first person who comments and expresses an interest. I will pay free Media Mail postage:

Interweave Knits Fall 2007 and Creative Knitting March 2008

Act fast!

(Comments will publish immediately so please just indicate your interest and I will email you for your address)


Hi, Janet. Thanks for the link to the book--I hadn't seen it. As for the Nectar book, did you actually get one? I'd love to take a look at it next time we're together :-)

Hello, I would love to receive those magazines! Thank you for a great blog also!

hum, now I will be wondering for most of the weekend what the other invisible five projects are.

Look at that lovely lace and the yarn looks great! I hope you find the lost stitches. Nectar is great, I want to knit so much in it!

I love Evelyn Clark's approach so will be checking out that book for sure, thanks Janet!

yes...I am wondering about those 5 projects...HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!

Oh, that shawl sounds like it will be decadent!

The Mama Llama yarn looks wonderful. I keep wanting to order some and it seems to always be sold out in the colors I want! Sigh!

I think that Mama Llama Silken Cash might be the best yarn name out there.

Good luck on the secret projects - looking forward to seeing them revealed!

How lovely! Can't wait to see the FO. I just frogged a lace triangle, too. It's frustrating but so worth it in the end. Oh, BTW, while you are frogging, remember that knitting is supposed to be FUN!