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Happy days are here again

Happy Vesper Sock Yarn
Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn, "Spring has Sprung"

This has been the year of connectivity issues with my internet at home. The gremlins invaded last week on Friday afternoon and I was without internet till yesterday afternoon. In the early morning or evenings, I was able to use my husband's wireless broadband connection but during the day (prime websurfing time), he has to use it to . . . work!

So I was faced with deciding what to knit when nobody's looking (i.e. when I can't blog or post photos to Flickr like I normally do). I'm so used to casting on and sharing here and there that I never really thought about how GOOD it might feel to knit without instant feedback. It felt great! And it's not that I don't value your opinions and wonderful feedback -- I have the most awesome readers, after all -- but when it comes right down to it, perhaps I could (and should) knit without an audience. I frogged a lot of WIPs that weren't making me deliriously happy. Ultimately, all that left me was the secret knitting and secret swatching (i.e. stuff I can't share here due to their being gifts or designs in progress). But it's no secret that it was satisfying to just knit -- to work on something without showing anybody.

What would YOU knit if nobody was looking?

By the way, my internet problem this time? Loose cable connections -- my cable signal was strong, but it wasn't getting to the modem! Once that was taken care of, I had to set up my wireless router again -- a two hour process -- and now I'm good to go. For the past several months, I was having to go upstairs to reset the modem at least once a day, sometimes more. There's no telling how much more knitting time I'll have now that I'm not constantly having to reset the modem!


I know I commented on your flickr on that yarn...but it is so fun, I love it. I had the loose cable issue a year ago...it drove me crazy. My boyfriend practically rewired the house and then we found out we had loose connections on the cable box outside and the cable company had to fix it. Grrrr!

We had that issue and they came out and replaced all of our wires from the box to the house connection. Then we switched servers. LOL I basically crochet in the dark all the time. Right now I want to crochet a sarong, but I am not happy with the yarn I picked up. Your yarn though... delicious. :D

Janet,I just tagged you on my blog..please read it and play along if you like...and I'm glad you are connected again...

Glad you got the connectivity thing figured out - that's the sort of ongoing frustration one does not need.

Hee - I tend to post finished projects, frequently without ever having mentioned them before. :)

If no one was looking I would frog my lace, but thats the reason I blog so that I don't give up, and it really helps!

Love that Vesper sock yarn, such a lovely spring color and so aptly named:)

Glad you got the wireless headache solved--argh!!

What would I knit if no one was looking...hmm a hard one! I don't know, maybe I would finish one of those darn blankets.

Beautiful colors in that sock yarn! If no one was looking, I'd have different socks on every set of dpns I own (I have a lot) just to see how all the colors knit up.