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Need your opinions

To my readers:

I need your opinions.

Do you read the "About" pages on blogs? I read them when I am new to a blog but beyond that initial read to get to know the blogger better, I don't read them again.

Do you find it helpful when a blogger provides contact information beyond the comments section? Again, for me it's rare that I use the "contact" option (outside of leaving a comment) but I can see that it might be useful to some of my readers who want to ask me a question but not necessarily leave me a comment.

If you are reading this at my blog (and not through a feed reader) you can see that I'm preparing to decide whether I want to include these additional options - but right now, it's not linked to anything. I'm also working to make sure my avatar is the same throughout the places I frequent online.

On the knitting front, I'm going to frog the triangular shawl today because I think I need to go down a needle size. I committed to experimenting with the book, the yarn and the concept but didn't officially make it a project. So I don't feel guilty about starting over. I do love the yarn and the color.

And among other things on my needle right now, I felt like casting on a sock:

Noro Silk Garden Lite Sock

It's NORO Silk Garden Lite, a DK-weight version of Silk Garden. I've got mixed feelings about it so far, but I love how quickly a DK-weight yarn becomes a sock!


I check About pages most often to try to find out where someone is located, or to remind me of the person writing the blog (with all the diff blog names out there, it gets confusing after awhile). though not as much to contact them.

Like you, I read the 'about' initially and don't usually go back to it. I do, however, think a 'contact' is nice to have in case someone wants to send you something outside the comment area. I think the sock is very pretty, but I've never knit with Noro before.

I almost always read the info page when I first happen upon a new-to-me blog -- I don't usually revisit it though.

Contact information -- even if it's just an email address -- is a good idea. Not everyone wants to leave a (public) comment.

also, Jakob Nielsen says you should have both. ;)

Interesting. I know I didn't put much into my About page because I had this weird feeling like I was filling out a profile for some dating site.

As for other blogger's "about" section believe I only check it out in the beginning or not at all. Think it might be good to have a contact in case someone does want to e-mail you something and not put it on the comments. Now I'm wondering if I have that on mine.

Augh, you have now made me think! Bad Janet

(You may remember me as Country Mouse.)

I do read about pages, and I feel strongly that every blogger needs to have an about page and some form of contact. Wanting to learn more about the perspective of a blog's author, or contact said author, and not having that information available on the site ranks pretty high on my frustration scale.

Like lekkercraft, I read About pages sporadically, and mainly to find out where the person is from, more for context than anything else. I'm more interested in seeing FO pics (or montages); they often help me decide whether or not to subscribe to a person's blog. If I see something I'm jealous or in awe of, I'm in! Otherwise, I usually move on. So many blogs, so little time, y'know!

I don't always read About pages, but it's nice if they're there. I also appreciate the Contact Me info.

I might read the about page out of curiosity. It doesn't bother me if there isn't too much information. If I'm interested in a person because of their blog then I get to know that person through their blog.

I do really appreciate a contact link! Sometimes I don't want to leave a public message, or more often I'm trying to answer a question left on my blog but don't have an email address to write to.

Contact info is helpful. I check "about me" usually to find out where a blogger lives.
The sock is pretty...will it be comfortable.

For me, knitting blogs are about the projects first. If I like the WIP's and FO's, I'll stick around, otherwise I move on. Once I check a blog regularly, *then* I learn more about the person, get to know them through their writing, maybe check out the "about" page. If I come to really like the person belong the blog, I usually read on even if they've moved on to do other things, like spinning, sewing, cooking, or whatever else. It doesn't bother me at all if the "about" page doesn't have a lot of stuff or if there's no other contact info. I think people should be able to preserve the amount of privacy on the net that makes them comfortable. I guess that's why I'm still headless in all my photos, LOL!

I'm all for "about" pages and contact information, though I also use them sporadically. They just need to be available, just in case... You never know when you might have an "about" emergency, and someone needs to contact you privately "about" it!

That said, guess I'd better check to see if I have those myself (don't think I do.)

Love those colors! Can't wait to see the FO.

I like reading About pages. It gives a little summary about who that person is (duh!) and it sets me on the road to getting to know them better. I'm not fond of vague About pages where it wastes my time to read it. But I know yours would be an interesting one, my talented friend. ;)

I often check the "about" page of someone who leaves a comment on my blog, mostly because when you click on their name it often takes there you instead of to their blog. Contact info is handy in case someone has a general question to ask or some such.

I tend to use a blog reader so rarely go through to the actual blog unless to comment. About pages are useful for contact info but I only look for them when I first start reading a blog. I do think its useful to know where a blogger is located etc.

Like others, I sporadically check the about you bit, but I think the email contact is more important - eg to reply to a comment, or to ask a question etc.

I really like the sock, am now feeling the need to cast on a DK weight sock too!

I think an "about" page is appropriate as it relates to the subject matter of the blog. I don't read a lot of blogs but I've seen a few that the about page goes on and on like a life history...which really isn't necessary. A nice short about page letting the reader get to know more about the blogger is a nice touch. Then again...it is YOUR blog and you should do whatever you feel comfortable with!!

I do read the "About Me" page when it is a new blogger and I want to learn more or need to know how to e-mail them (look their for that info).

I personally don't need to know how to contact YOUR readers, but if it was my blog I would like to have the capability to know how to contact them (still clear as mud over on blogger.com unfortunately...ugh). But it appears you alredy have that option!

Can't wait to see your new blog changes!

It's gotten to where I rarely click an "About Me" because so few, it seems, actually have anything about themselves.

But of course, being blogless, I'm in no position to criticize now, am I? lol!

Ya know, it's funny, I don't always read one on a blog, but when I want to read someone's, I get a little frustrated that they don't have one... only because I usually want to know more about this person! And I think the "Contact Me" button would be a great addition to your (already wonderful) blog!

I read everything! A contact me is useful too. I hope the shawl frog goes OK.

I would have to agree that About pages are useful at first,in fact I really never update my own;it is sometimes helpful to contact the person,other than leaving a comment...frogging is okay,too!!!

I like the 'about' page as it gives interesting info...and I also love the dk/sock magic!

I check the About sections rather often - both when I find a new blog, and when I want to check and see if my blog friends have changed things up. I do think the contact info is helpful too... some readers don't want to leave a comment, or have a more detailed question to ask...

I love the Noro sock! I used Silk Garden Lite for some socks and they are so cozy!

I do check the about pages...but usually only once - typically the first time I read a blog. The contact information is good but I don't have it on my blog because I want to avoid spam in my email. I have my ravelry name and people can always email me on ravelry.

Love the Noro color...regretably the Noro yarns make me itch badly so I can't knit with them.

Hi Janet - I was wondering how best to handle reader questions (vs. comments) on my own blog and decided I needed a 3rd option. I built a Q&A widget that invites questions (w/o exposing my email address to spammers) and then turns completed Q&A into blog posts automatically. You can see it on my blog (crashdev.blogspot.com), and if it looks useful you can grab your own copy at askablogr.com. Hope that's useful and would welcome any feedback.

I usually read the about page. I have also seen bloggers post updates in a new post stating that changes have been made to their about page.

I like to leave info on other blogs about myself and like when others do the same that way I know how you found me. I have three kids so I am a little more careful about who reads my blog.

I just cast on for those socks, and had the exact same thought about DK yarn. I may never go back!

I think it is nice to read an about page especially when finding a new blog. But then I don't have one myself so I am not really one to talk!

I don't go back and read the About section after I "get to know" a blog. I know what you mean about avatar consistency... I have the one of me with the kitties, but I also use one of Mayhem's eye in a lot of places like librarything and ravelry (although right now I have a funny picture of Chaos on ravelry for the ravelraiser thing).

I'm not really an about me reader, though I do have one on my blog. It's not as updated as it should be but, ehh, oh well. lol. And it's also super easy to add a contact page just in case someone wants to just ask a question. It's also a deterrent to spam mail since you're not putting your e-mail out there. :)

Is this the yarn you sent me??