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The issue of worth

Pashmina Cowl (Ravelry link) from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, 2006
Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight - 3 Skeins Eggplant

I knew I would think about the issue while I was on my trip -- the fact that each one of my sisters is pursuing a successful career and earning income of her own. While my job working part-time at the yarn shop is rewarding and carries with it opportunities to see my friends and commune with knitters (and crocheters), it's pretty safe to say that my net earnings each year are canceled out by my purchases. And I'm proud of my sisters. They each have an incredible sense of duty and work ethic. I know that my sisters are also proud of me and they constantly tell me so -- and point to my parenting, my relationships and my skills as evidence. Whenever I've been given the opportunity for more (in the way of a career and a larger paycheck) in the past decade, I've respectfully declined.

So when I see things that I've knit being passed around the room and worn -- or I spy them in suitcases, it provides a little more clarity for me. The issue of worth begins to be resolved when I see proof of how I've invested my time and energy and how lucky I am to be able to do what I enjoy nearly every single day.


What a beautiful post. It really is important to know your own worth and to not use the standard measuring stick that most of society does.

That is a fab post. x

This is the hardest thing for me - seeing myself through the Most Important eyes and not the perceived eyes of others who don't really know me anyway. And those who do know me, love me and are in awe of me just as I am in awe of them. We are fortunate people.


Lovely post

It's such a shame that society still tends to value that which earns money over that which doesn't. Good for you for being able to value the other things that you do.

Worth can be defined in so many ways, can't it? I'm so glad you are defining it for yourself.

Yes Janet, you are really on to something here. I am so glad that this trip was validating for you:)

That's a wonderful reminder. :)

Janet...self worth is not defined by money..to be able to express yourself in such a creative manner is a gift,a blessing...I can see through your writings that your trip,your reunion with your sisters, was more than just a visit...it seems it was a necessary moment in your life...it has opened your eyes...made you aware...that is something...not everyone has that opportunity...I am glad for you...

That is gorgeous on you!

I think we all have importance and self-worth that is so much more than what we make or the job that we have. Be proud of, and enjoy being you!

Fantastic post! I would love to have a life like yours. :)

Cowl is beautiful. I's swap the word 'worth' w/happiness. that's what truly matters

Cowl is beautiful. I'd swap the word 'worth' w/happiness. that's what truly matters

Great post! Self worth is so important.

I completely understand how people using your handiwork can validate you. My husband's family is mesmerized by my knitting and loves any hand made gift I give them. My parents? I know for a fact that they can't even tell you where the gifts I made them last Christmas are. And don't even ask about the blankets I crocheted them the year before last.

I truly luv seeing the "puddin" ;o)

The cowl is perfect on you.

Perfectly stated, Janet - beautiful cowl.

I think at the end of our life, when we are really really old...like ancient old...we are not going to be thinking about careers, money etc. We are going to be thinking about how good life was, were we happy, what are our children doing, etc. I have a great career but would love to be at home doing things that truly give me pleasure, my crafts, hobbies, reading great books, learning another language, doing another degree...my career is nice, but it is more a necessity than a want and highly over-rated.

What they said! A very timely post indeed, for you and for us. Its only when you really know yourself and what you want that you can decline things that you know are not going to make you happy or let you live the life you want to live. I have only just learnt that lesson in the past 12 months. I am now earning $30K less than I did two years ago and I have never been so happy. Here's to us!

Very thought provoking. I always think the measure of a persons worth lay in what they give away - in time, energy, care etc etc. Not things or money, but those things that come from the heart.

Time spent on making things for others is always so special and provides a glow for the giver and the receiver.

I imagine you emotional worth bank account is high

HI Janet

I have been reading your blog this morning. It is most fascinating! I didn't know your Mom was Japanese! I am sure it was very difficult for her many many times. To her credit, she raised an intelligent, beautiful, intuitive daughter! There are several times in our (women) lives that we question our worth. I don't think men go thru that as much as we do.

I think the most important and most difficult job/career we ever have is raising children. Most Mothers now realize it is surely a luxury to be able to stay home and care for their home and children. Martha has done a lot to make that okay again. :O)

Reading about your personal journey thru these issues help us all!


thanks for this!

Hi Janet, your posts, especially this one, are very inspiring. I hope I will find out the way I want to be of worth, it will certainly not be a career, and posts like yours help me in keeping my gaze at what I want to do,really want to do... Your posts about your mother are incredibly sensitive, for lack of a better word, and you can tell you care deeply about your mother.
thanks for posting!