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July 13, 2008

Second annual summer blog vacation begins

I've decided to take another summer vacation from my blog and devote summer to completing things and renewing my commitment to pen, pencil and paper:


I've been blue. Not scary-blue, but a subdued blue. I think it has a lot to do with how much I anticipated this summer break from my normal daily driving and the kids' school activities. I absolutely want to make the most of it. With the loss of my cable internet at a critical time a couple of weeks ago (I'm still recovering from that), I've been tackling some revitalizing tasks. I decided I want to ENJOY the summer before it fades and the school routine begins all over again. I plan to knit, write, draw, sew, embroider, clean, paint, declutter, re-evaluate, focus and create.


I'll try to share the evidence on Flickr and Ravelry and I'll be back to my blog in August. Meanwhile, if you're so inclined, please share in the comments whether you plan take some time to indulge your creative side and what you might be doing in the next thirty days.

See you in August!

July 03, 2008

Oh blog, how I've missed you

Last Minute Knitted Gifts - Drawstring Pouch
Ravelry details here

From my favorite knitting book, with one of my favorite yarns, Alpaca Silk by Blue Sky Alpacas. And because inevitably, I am asked why I would knit a drawstring pouch, I use them as reusable (and luxurious) gift packaging.

I won't bore you with the long and drawn out final installment (I hope) of the cable internet saga I've been experiencing. The bottom line is that the cable company has installed brand new cable and my signal should be strong and consistently stable now. Murphy's Law is alive and well because while having no internet is really not fun, this was the week I needed it the most.

I resurrected a hibernating project but I purchased new colors to work with:


I'm going to use the free Kusha Kusha Scarf pattern as a guide, but I'm not switching needle sizes. My plan is to hold both yarns together and cast on 60 stitches on a Size 6 (US) Addi Lace needle and knit in stockinette till I'm out of yarn.

Here's a swatch:


It's a photo of the stitches on the purl side so you can see the two individual yarns better. I think I'm going to enjoy this version of the scarf much more.