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Oh blog, how I've missed you

Last Minute Knitted Gifts - Drawstring Pouch
Ravelry details here

From my favorite knitting book, with one of my favorite yarns, Alpaca Silk by Blue Sky Alpacas. And because inevitably, I am asked why I would knit a drawstring pouch, I use them as reusable (and luxurious) gift packaging.

I won't bore you with the long and drawn out final installment (I hope) of the cable internet saga I've been experiencing. The bottom line is that the cable company has installed brand new cable and my signal should be strong and consistently stable now. Murphy's Law is alive and well because while having no internet is really not fun, this was the week I needed it the most.

I resurrected a hibernating project but I purchased new colors to work with:


I'm going to use the free Kusha Kusha Scarf pattern as a guide, but I'm not switching needle sizes. My plan is to hold both yarns together and cast on 60 stitches on a Size 6 (US) Addi Lace needle and knit in stockinette till I'm out of yarn.

Here's a swatch:


It's a photo of the stitches on the purl side so you can see the two individual yarns better. I think I'm going to enjoy this version of the scarf much more.


Janet,both are lovely and thanks to the link for the free scarf pattern...so glad you're back!

The swatch has a nice airy feel. It will make a nice scarf!

Happy 4th!

Gurl I so know how the Kusha Kusha scarf can EASILY go into hibernation.

It is so slow moving for me! Haha!

Luv your yarn p0rn! And we missed you too!

Happy 4th weekend!

Glad you're back! The dreaded cable company... Sheesh!

The cable company has not been my friend as of late either. After going round with them for 3 weeks, we finally got someone to come out and install cable and internet in the new house. I hated the feeling of total isolation.
Glad to see you back!

Perfect adaptation - I know how you hate knitting with just the stainless! ;)

yay! for the internet. :) Glad to hear you had a good rest and I can't wait to see more of your projects.

Your scarf is going to be lovely. I do like Habu! I need to get that book again, I de stashed it once and have regretted it ever since.

I love the yarns you've chosen for your scarf. I think your mods will be so much less frustrating than the original pattern.

Very pretty, your scarf I am sure will be lovely! Happy 4th!

Glad to see you're back! Love the yarn for Kusha Kusha - it looks amazingly like chain mail!!!!!

Happy forth, too!

Tora in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

oooohhhh! that scarf is going to be fabulous! i have had a habu scarf on my list for sometime.

Beautiful yarns... I think I should start choosing my yarns more like grown-up, add vocabularies like "luxury" and "sophisticated" to my knitting.

I am glad you got good internet connection back. That's how we can keep in touch, get deep breath, no matter how crazy our off-line life is.

Wonderful photos! Glad you have a new cable. I've missed you.

Wonderful photos! Glad you have a new cable. I've missed you.

Holding two together was such the right call, Janet!!

Glad you're back with us! I think your reusable gift bags are a great idea. :)

I love those little bags. I made one as well to put a little gift in it...they are so cute.