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Second annual summer blog vacation begins

I've decided to take another summer vacation from my blog and devote summer to completing things and renewing my commitment to pen, pencil and paper:


I've been blue. Not scary-blue, but a subdued blue. I think it has a lot to do with how much I anticipated this summer break from my normal daily driving and the kids' school activities. I absolutely want to make the most of it. With the loss of my cable internet at a critical time a couple of weeks ago (I'm still recovering from that), I've been tackling some revitalizing tasks. I decided I want to ENJOY the summer before it fades and the school routine begins all over again. I plan to knit, write, draw, sew, embroider, clean, paint, declutter, re-evaluate, focus and create.


I'll try to share the evidence on Flickr and Ravelry and I'll be back to my blog in August. Meanwhile, if you're so inclined, please share in the comments whether you plan take some time to indulge your creative side and what you might be doing in the next thirty days.

See you in August!


Oh my gosh!! I feel the same way! But with my knitting group as the organizer...I need a break! LOL

Enjoy your summer hiatus and will see you soon my friend!

All the best!

I know the feeling! I feel like summer's already over! T has to keep talking me down... but the weather didn't get nice until a few weeks ago and now it's already July. Le Sigh.

But! We are going to Alaska in a couple weeks (for 3 weeks!) so I am definitely excited about that road trip! I'm already lining up all my "car knitting."

Hope you have a wonderful break - See you in August!!! xoxo

I appreciate and share your creative quest for the summer. With days stretching before us, many end up squandered. Thanks for the reminder of how we should be spending them. Enjoy!

I am continuing to re-evaluate, and to that end I have pulled many and various projects out of hibernation to decide: finish? frog? chuck? move on? And it seems my purging continues on and on and on. It's a good thing, we (I) have too much stuff. But yes, the summer is going fast and there are swimming dates, and walks in the woods that have to be done too! Have a great time in your own pursuits.

Enjoy your break. It doesn't seem quite right to be blue during summer, but I can definitely relate.

It's so important to nurture our creative selves, and sometimes that has to mean looking inwards not outwards. Enjoy your summer!

Oh, we'll miss you. Enjoy every second. It goes by way too quickly!

Subdued blue. I can relate to that. Though the fact that its winter over here might have something to do with it. I hope you to-do list is not too long and that you get through most of it during July. See you in August.

Janet, I send you all my warm wishings during your break. A break does do some wonders and hopefully, you'll come all refreshed and reenergized!


Janet,sometimes we need time to regroup...enjoy yourself,relax,you'll be thought of often and of course missed...

Enjoy your break! Enjoy your summer. I hope this is what you needs to get rid of the blues...

Have a great time. x I will be somehow trying to keep up with study and work with kids at home ... I think I will need a holiday after all that!

I should. I have lists. I am procrastinating. I'll try to do both. LOL Have a good summer my friend!

Have a wonderful summer vacation!

Have a great break, looking forward to hearing about everything you accomplished!

Have a wonderful break Janet! Though I'm pretty sure I'll be stalking you on plurk so I won't miss out on your daily thoughts. :)

Enjoy your time off. Summers are fleeting :) Doing things for yourself and your loved ones is the best thing ever.

Enjoy your time away - see you on the flip side. x

Have a wonderful break!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh summer. Mosquitoes, black flies and really really long works days. Nope, I'm not a farmer. I'm a geologist. I'll be spending pretty well every day between now and the end of October drilling. Your plans sound a bit more fun!

enjoy your days. savor the moments. xo

What a great idea!!

Wanted to let you know we, Market Street DayKnitters, have been missing you. We know you are enjoying the boys being out of school. Ya'll have a great Summer and hope to see you soon.

Hey there! Your break sounds fantastic! May I make a suggestion? De-clutter first. You cannot get the new in your life, if you're still hanging onto the old. Your mind will clear as well.

Then create! As opposed to accumulate. Have a ball!

Craetive? I've been meaning to dye up a load of sock blanks I have but haven't gotten around to it. I will be spinning with a group of friends a couple of park benches under a big tree by the river on Sunday. BYO chilled drinks!!!

ENJOY!! I have a trip to S0-Cal planned!

Good for you.. I have to take mini-vaca's away.. I need some down time to rev up the creativity.. Going over the check your progress over on Ravelry. ;)

gosh do i know the feeling. i took last summer off, and it crossed my mind this summer, so much has been going on. but in some weird way, the blog keeps me up and at it.

lately i'm feeling so inspired to create though, its so tempting to lock myself into my studio and have at it with not a care in the world.

by the way, thanks for stopping by and handing out some nice compliments. i like what you've done here too!

i hope your mini-vacation is wonderful and restorative. i'll be joining the schooling moms this sept. for the first time so who knows how i'll feel next summer.