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And now . . . something simple

Who doesn't love a baby hat and everything it represents? I get a little nostalgic whenever I see a wee knit hat. And because I like to have access to basic, unembellished knitting patterns, I put one together for you so that you can use it as a starting point for your own baby hats. I wanted this basic pattern to be something that one could use to teach knitting with double-pointed needles with 4 DPNs rather than 5; and on the Ravelry page for the Very Basic Baby Beanie, I also included suggestions for yarns that can be found at your neighborhood discount store if you aren't close to a local yarn shop. If, however, you regularly visit your local yarn shop (and I hope you've already discovered this wonderful resource), ask them to point you to a sportweight merino or wool; then find your favorite color and knit a baby hat. I'd love to see it! The free pattern link is in my sidebar if you don't have access to Ravelry.


Thank you all for sharing your favorite summer reads in my last entry! I added a few of them to my "To Read" list on Good Reads. I'm still going through my emails and comments so your suggestions are all going to end up on that list. I'll read 'em all. I might not be a fast knitter, but I am a fast reader.

And to clarify some of what I wrote about knitting sweaters; I want to assure you all that I totally push the boundaries on sweater-WEARING - just not necessarily sweater-KNITTING! In my lifetime, I've bought so many sweaters and I have worn a few to death. There's one charcoal gray wool cardigan in my closet that I've had for at least 16 years and it still looks good. I really wish I was a knitter back when my kids were outgrowing their sweaters faster than I could buy them replacements. I simply understand better now the dynamic of knitting up north. It's more for survival than fashion. I'm fascinated with it really. I love all the little factoids I learned about our northern neighbors who knit sweaters - like the fact that they opt for natural and neutral colors for their sweaters. I envy the fact that there is an accepted tradition of knitting functional and wonderful sweaters that are passed down for generations. Perhaps I secretly want to be Canadian, eh?


Hi there twin ;o)...Thanks SO much for the pattern... being a northerner I'm on the same page w/ the natural/nuetral colors for sweaters... as well as function.. WARMTH :)

Janet-thanks for sharing this sweet hat pettern :-)

Janet-thanks for sharing this sweet hat pattern :-)

Janet thanks for sharing the pattern. For some reason I didn't have you on my Ravelry friends list so I just added you. Hope you don't mind. I'll definitely be knitting this hat, (more than once I'm sure), for Scout!

I love knitting baby hats. There is nothing more adorable than a little one in a beanie!

Baby hat knitting is such a great instant gratification project - especially in that cute color!

Thank you Janet, that is such a nice little hat!

Thanks for the cute pattern!

If there is something we wear a lot of in Canada its sweaters - for obvious reasons.Brrr.. I love the baby toque, I actually think that would be great for a rock climbing loving adult...I might have to just make it a bit bigger and make it for myself - out of cashmere!

Glad you enjoyed your summer pressure free.

Luv your KAL/scarf exchange with your daughter!

Hope you continue with your relax and tiny bit faster knitting into the fall! :o)

Oh Yes, please be a Canadian.
Yes, we sure do winterize with knitting needles. up here in our neck of the woods. Sweaters, socks, touques, mittens. Btw, one blog post I wrote a few years ago, I mentioned touques and was shocked that the majority of my American neighbors didn't know what that was.

Iam adding the baby hat to my fav's I like knitting or crocheting baby hats for charity and yours is adorable:)Hugs Darcy