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Mother & Daughter Knit-Along


Erica was here for a long weekend and we had a great time. The only time we were able to fit in a knitting lesson was on the afternoon of her last day here. She needed help with the slip-knit-psso (SKP) and reading the lace chart for the Dragon Scale Scarf. We both bought yarn last year to make the scarf and I finished mine in May 2007; her yarn, pattern and needles traveled with her to Florida and understandably, she wasn't motivated to finish a scarf in Florida. Earlier in the weekend, she'd seen the red Malabrigo Laceweight ("Torero" colorway) that Vanessa sent me. She clearly wanted to claim it, so I suggested that she try it with my Addi lace needles while I cast on with her yarn ("Purple Mystery" colorway) with her needles. We agreed to share both scarves when they're finished -- I'll wear the one she knits and she'll wear the one I knit. It's a no-pressure knit-along since she starts school next week.


I discovered that I knit a lot looser now than I did last year. Some of it might be due to my using a different needle this time, but it just feels like I'm more relaxed while I knit. It also seems like I knit a tiny bit faster than I used to.

We flipped through Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman and made a few observations that we're usually both drawn to the non-sweater projects first. We love scarves, handbags, afghans and pillows. After reading the article about Canadian knitters in the recent Vogue Knitting magazine, I think I understand why. We've never lived anywhere where the winters were so cold for so long that we needed to depend on wool sweaters for more than a few months. Instead, scarves, hats and occasionally, gloves or mittens served as warm accessories that could easily be shed when we entered a heated home. Consequently, I don't think I could ever knit too many scarves.

I withdrew for a while after we got back from Oklahoma. I've been reading, listening to music and limiting my online time to concentrated bursts. I've been feeling a little overstimulated and anxious (seriously . . . does this get better? Mid-life hormonal changes are incredibly not fun) so I didn't web-surf or knit much. I've really enjoyed reading more though -- a good story lifts my spirits. What did you read this summer that you loved?


I don't live in a climate that requires sweaters but nevertheless they are my favorite to knit! I wish I wore hats and scarves but they just aren't me. Your scarf looks beautiful though.

As for books, I'm currently reading "The River Wife" which is a good historical novel. I've also read "How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls", "About Your Husband" and "Change of Heart". Sometimes I like to browse at the library and pick whatever is calling out to me.

Ah, not being a knitter I have so few opportunities to comment on things I have in common with you, Janet. ;) Books I have in common.

Well one I have really enjoyed as a just-before-bed book is The Book of Stillmeadow by Gladys Taber. Her writing is so quaint and homey, like letters from a friend. Great reading when your mind is in need of refreshment and unloading.

Love the scarf. So pretty!
I finished Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich in one night. Funny and light summer reading.

How nice to have that time with her!

One book that I really liked recently was Peony in Love by Lisa See.

That's a great idea to each knit and then share the resulting projects w. your daughter.

I finshed the Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. It's one of the best books I've read in a long time (thought it's a sad but lovely ending).

Beautiful scarf...living in Calgary I can honestly say I cannot have enough scarves. You can pretty much wear one here from September through to end of April. I have been reading "last chance to eat" by Gina Mallet. It is a book about the fate of certain foods in a fast food world. The writing is amazing.

Oh, that's a gorgeous scarf! I've been through those quiet times myself. :) I've read a lot this summer - I remember (recently) quite liking Nora Roberts' "Three Fates."

Janet-how wonderful to be able to share your passion with your daughter...the book I will recommend is "the garden of last days" by Andre DubusIII

I am not sure if it is midlife hormones or not, but I have been feeling the same way... as you know, I have been quite addicted to Good Reads, so I have been a reading fiend this summer. Seeing all of your lovely Malabrigo shots makes me think it is time to pull out the two hanks I have in the stash - they are worsted weight, and close in color to that lovely purple up top. Best wishes, Janet~

I think it's so great that you two can share knitting together. My mom taught me to knit about 40 years ago, but she no longer has the patience or the desire anymore.

I had to come back to read what you said about sweaters. I'm in denial about only being able to wear sweaters a few months out of the year. I know my plans for 3-4 sweaters by year's end are impractical, because of the South's weather, but I have the yarn so I'm going for it! If I don't get to wear them often, they should be around a long while! :o)

I found J. D. Robb this summer and have been on a mission to read all of her books in order. There are quite a few. They take place in the future, are murder mysteries with love stories woven throughout and are not serious books, just fun light reading. I also read and enjoyed the Knitting Circle - I couldn't stop reading but it did make me a bit melancholy.

i LOVE that you are/were knitting with Erica! a wonderful passion to share - like your scarves! My girls don't knit, but fortunately, they LOVE (and wear/use) whatever i knit for them. And, who wouldn't fall in love with that malabrigo in torero! p.s. i've had to put my leaf lace scarf aside, but i'm yearning to pick it up again. i can't knit it mindlessly and i just don't want to make mistakes (and i'm too lazy to use a life-line) so it's safely on my little knitting table for now...
hugs and love!