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Acting on decisions


Before the hurricane, I was in the process of getting quotes from painters for painting a significant portion of the interior of our home. We have a 2-story foyer that would have required one or both of us to scale a ladder or scaffolding to paint. I don't do so well with ladders . . . or heights in general. When we got back, I was excited to learn that the painter was available and could paint this week. His three-man crew was here yesterday and painted a huge portion of our house in less than four hours. They moved the furniture and returned everything back to their original locations when they were finished. My plan for the common areas of our home is to keep things neutral. Adventurous color will be confined to the smaller bedrooms and bathrooms.

Acting on this one significant thing that's been on my mind for a couple of years now has helped build some much-needed momentum. For the first few years we were here, I had this vague feeling of needing to not make plans or decisions regarding this home, but after over five years in the same house, it was just time to act. Next on the list? The front yard.



Oh, good for you! I really need to act on some of the vague plans I have for my condo... I've had an area of "test paint" up in my bathroom for over four years now.

Good for you on deciding to make your house a home. I've been there too. Glad things have settle back down from your Ike period and the adventures that came after.

I like the color, and I'm glad the painters were still ready to paint after Ike. M and I still rent, but someday I'll be able to paint a wall a color. Have a great weekend!

Five years!? My, time FLIES!

I want to see more pictures!

Thank you.


You are going to be busy!!

Oh I just love decisions like this! Our house could do with a total redo in the paint department...

We put off painting ours for so long b/c of our 2 story foyer too but am so glad we finally did it. You'll have to post after pics!

it's a good feeling, isn't it. to get at things and as, you said, it's impetus for more and more. have fun! glad to hear that you all are well.
love and hugs!

Ohhh... what color did you go with? And if your painter travels my direction, can you share his name? I need to have my two-story foyer painted too, and I also don't like ladders!