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Finished Habitat


I enjoyed the challenge of knitting Habitat and adjusting to knitting cables in the round. A couple of years ago, heady from my success with the irish Hiking Scarf, I tried a difficult cable pattern. I suffered some crushing blows to my self-confidence due to not knowing how to “read” my knitting while knitting cables. It was almost enough to convince me that I wasn’t capable of knitting cables at all. Enter a new cable project a few months ago -- one that I’ve not shared here yet -- and add a great book (see previous post) plus this hat pattern and finally my confidence has been restored. There’s really no substitute for knitting and making a lot of mistakes. Some types of knitting might be more intuitive for a knitter, and perhaps (for this knitter anyway) some projects have more suitability, utility, and significance than others. Slowly, I’ve learned that there aren't any shortcuts when learning something new and sometimes suffering through mistakes leads to nailing the lessons.

This brings me to sharing my latest obsession -- the Friend Activity tab on Ravelry. I’ve been a member of Ravelry for over a year and just recently started regularly checking the Friend Activity tab as part of my morning routine. It’s a glimpse into what my friends love right now, the things they’re planning to knit and the delightfully obscure patterns and designers they find. It’s helped me to find new ways to look at my stash and discover patterns to help me use what I already have.


such a thoughtful post...and a beautiful hat.

You can cable! I'm so happy you have your confidence up! I need to learn by your example and give lace one more go.

I love the Friends Activity Tab. I check it regularly and it has caused the number of items in the queue to go up.

The best part of the friends activity tab for me is watching a project spread like wildfire! This person faves it, then another, then another!

I love the Friends activity tab! It's all I do on Ravelry, really. I am a lazy Raveler. :)

And I'm so glad you cables another shot! Aren't they fun??? Really, there's nothing you can't knit if you put your mind to it. And yah, sometimes you just gotta figure it out on your own! (There used to be this woman in my SNB who would wait until her mom came down from Alaska to help her with her knitting. It drove me CRAZY. She absolutely would not frog or try and fix it herself. Sheesh!)

Can't wait to see what you're working on next!

I can't make it a day without checking my friend activity tab! It's addicting!

Your cables are fantastic! Your photography shows them off beautifully and I love the yarn!

It is beautiful!!

The cables and hat look great! I've learned that I learn things like knitting by doing, which pretty much means I'll make some mistakes along the way, but as I can rip it out, I'm OK with that.

I'll have to go find that friend activity tab; it sounds interesting.

I adore your cables, so glad you stuck with it, and I live at the Friends Activity at Ravelry, I am so an addict! LOL

I adore your cables, so glad you stuck with it, and I live at the Friends Activity at Ravelry, I am so an addict! LOL

I love the color of that hat, and I love the pattern itself. I must admit I haven't checked the 'Friends' on Ravelry for a while, I think I need to do that again!

Oh, yes, the Friend's Activity tab. I can't get enough of it. Except, I check it like, oh, 1,000 times a day instead of just the once. Your Habitat looks awesome!

I'm addicted to the friend activity tab too. I think that explains my ridiculously lengthy queue!

Love the habitat - cables look great and the colour is fabulous.

oohh good tip with the ravelry friend activity, I didn't know about that feature. :) Love your Habitat! :)

Nice curves ya got there!

Hum, Ravelry, haven't been there in awhile. Can't access it at work since it's a "social network". Ah, the fear of knitters!

Hey sweet thing. Thanks for dropping by to see me. I come by here, every so often, but never write.

Seems you're covered up in folks!

Take care. :)

Look at those lovely, popping cables! Mmm... Oh, the Friend Activity tab is DANGEROUS for one's queue.

Very pretty cables. I had no idea about the friend activity tab on Ravelry. I just checked it out and it's a really great feature!

Oh yes, I'm all about the friend activity button, it's where I get so many ideas...including MY Habitat!! Yours is a beaut, I tell ya:)

Gorgeous red cables. I am off to discover the friend activity tab, I didn't notice that!

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your cables are so beautiful! they are like magic, cables are.... i love knitting and seeing the curves and turns emerge. one thing that i don't like, actually, is knitting without a cable needle - it just makes my hands tense. I love the Friend's Activities tab on ravelry, too, but it can be dangerous to the number of items in my queue!
hugs and love!