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Swatching cables


Melissa Leapman's Cables Untangled book has been one of my favorite knitting book purchases this year. Her book was a breakthrough for me in understanding cable charts; where cables are concerned, they make much more sense in charted rather than written form (or perhaps I'm evolving as a knitter?) There are some excellent tips and hints in the first section of the book and the last section is a cable stitch dictionary arranged by ribbed, panels and allover cable patterns. I chose the "Allover 9" for the cabled swatch above and used Paton's Classic Wool in the "Aran" shade.

I have no plans based on the swatch -- it's just one of my favorites from the book. I also wanted to work on a small project to see if my left shoulder, arm and wrist would give me any trouble. When I'm knitting cables, I tend to take less breaks and I use smaller and tighter movements. Knitting shouldn't hurt, right?


You've got to check out Kim's lastest obsession - Brooklyn Tweed's Habitat Hat pattern. I have the yarn to knit one (or more) of these so don't be surprised if I cast on like a lemming.


Cables are really awesome to see! Fascinating and like magic to me!
Like a lemming!! LOL! and no I don't think knitting should hurt. Good to see you post too.

I love cables. I have the Vogue stitchionary and plan to swatch a whole heap of patterns and sew them into a sampler rug - yep, it's a VERY long term project! The Allover 9 is fab!

love the swatch,Janet and no-knitting should not hurt...rest,ice,the usual...I've had my share of over use!

Love the cable swatch.

I've been eyeing that book too.. I think you just convinced me to buy it!...

The Patons really gives great cable definition, doesn't it?

That is a beautiful swatch. Looks like I might need to buy that book too...

I love the swatch. That book is one that I keep thinking about buying and then don't. Now that you've made me think again... Obsession? Well, okay, maybe...

mmm. i do adore me some cables - and that swatch is just beautiful. As for that hat, I was just thinking of casting on for it too!

The cables are gorgeous! Habitat is so nice - I may have to cast on too!

I know, Kim is cracking me up with her Habitat mania...and I'll have to check out that book, I suppose:)

Swatching cables must be one of the yummiest phrases in the English language :)

Knitting shouldn't hurt! I hope you feel better soon. Ice is very good for inflammation.

I like the swatch. I'll have to check that book out. I've been playing with some cabled diamonds, and I get little holes. Maybe Ms. Leapman will have advice.

I've been eying that book. Glad to hear you like it. I may need to get it now. :)

Ugh, it's such a pain when knitting hurts! Hope it gets better soon.

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