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A Blue Cowl and a Giveaway


I knit another cowl yesterday (the Delores Park Cowl) with yarn I'd received the day before from Eat.Sleep.Knit. My local yarn shop doesn't carry the chunky Malabrigo and I wanted to use the yarn that the pattern called for, so when Ravelry recommended Eat.Sleep.Knit in the online store options, I clicked it. Service was super-fast and my yarn arrived on a day (Monday) when most yarn shops are closed anyway. I'd never knit with the chunky before and I loved it, so it's definitely on my list to knit again. This serene blue is the Blue Surf colorway.

The cowl craziness is due to my wanting to find some quick knits for loved ones who need some warmth. They're one-skein, instant gratification projects and fast enough to knit during other ongoing projects.

For a Socktoberfest surprise, click behind the cut:

So I'm having a giveaway for Socktoberfest! It's been a crazy couple of weeks here and stressful too, so I didn't get to blog about Socktoberfest like I had planned. On my initial Socktoberfest post, I showed you a sock-in-progress and several of you commented that you liked the color (Morello Mash), so I bought another skein to give away to a lucky reader to celebrate the end of Socktoberfest. Included in the package will be a mix CD created with the help of iTunes new "Genius" feature, which I love. (If you haven't tried it already, please do)! NO rules - just leave a comment and I'll draw a name based on the random number generator. You have until midnight (in YOUR local time zone) on October 31st to leave a comment!



Oh, pick me, pick me! I LOVE that color.

Count me in! :D Love the cowl. I love malabrigo chunky but not as much as the worsted. I went to the eat.sleep.knit site last night after you posted this on Ravelry and I'm impressed with their design. Such a great looking site.

What a gorgeous cowl. I think I might have to get on board and knit myself one.

Yum yum yum. And I love your embossed leaves socks - they look just right in a semi-solid, I think.

Yummy cowl and yummy yarn! I hope you pick me as a winner! ; )

Lovely cowl! Can't resist red yarn...it's so seasonal:~D

I'm in. Loving the Genius playlists too!

How nice of you to have a giveaway! I would love to receive that gorgeous yarn.

Love the cowl, I'm definitely remembering this pattern for future Christmas gifts!

Lovely color. And I'm a huge fan of Genius as well!

I'm really getting into the "instant gratification" projects with the holidays looming. I might actually get my Christmas knitting finished on time! :)

OMG OMG OMG I loooove that color! But I don't want any more yarn! ;) If I get chosen, let's think of some fun way to give it away to someone else.

And yah, I *love* the Genius feature in iTunes! We have a HUGE music collection, but I never listen to it, because I never know where to start! Now, I can queue up 100 songs and rock out all night (and then some)!

I have been hesitant to try the Genius feature but I will give it a go. Love the cowl!

Oh that looks lovely, the blue is very pretty!

Genius is great! The cowl looks very snuggly and the morello mash color is to die-for! thx for the opportunity.

Both the cowl and the yarn look so yummy!

Love your cowl! Please enter me in your contest.

The cowl and the yarn are both lovely. Very nice!

I didn't know malabrigo made a chunky!!!! Where have I been!?!?!?

*elbows Sallie out of the way*

No, no, pick me! That red is gorgeous! :o)

heeeee What, am I commenter number seven eleven?? :D It IS pretty yarn though.

What a lovely, generous prize.

That cowl does look wonderfully soft and cozy.

No entry from me. Just wanted to say the blue cowl is such a pretty pretty color!

Hmmm... I got a bunch of chunky in the great malabrigo mauling of 2008. Maybe I should use a skein for something simple.

No entry for me either...I'm not a very good sock knitter.

The cowl is so pretty! What a great gift!

no entry for me Janet(I already have that same yummy yarn!) beautiful cowl.

Ooo pretty! Happy Socktoberfest. :)

So sweet of you to share! Thanks!

I am cowl crazy and sock crazy, too! I'd love to win.


I haven't tried Genius yet - I really must - would be interesting to see what iTunes would come up with out of my (somewhat eclectic) song collection!

Love the cowl, love the color, love the blog. Need I say more???

My comment went away I think, so I'll try again.

Lovely cowl--chunky malabrigo sounds wonderful.

What a gorgeous color! (both of them that is). The sock yarn makes me think of cranberry sauce...

What a pretty cowl - I never thought to use a chunky yarn. I am worried about making a cowl out of Malabrigo...I would just keep rubbing the cowl against my face when wearing it :)

Yarn, yes please! Nice colour, one I doesn`t have in my stash (maybe the only one, judging by the proportions of it...)

Pick me! Pick Me! gorgeous cowl by the way. I think I am going to have to give this Malabrigo chunky a try.

I just knit with my first Malabrigo, both chunky and worsted. Almost yummy enough to make me want to move where it's cold enough to wear it! I knit a Delores Park Cowl too (and matching wristers) and despite it being over 80 last week, I didn't want to take it off :)

Beautiful cowl! I may have to make one out of that yarn :)

What a great color. I'm always amazed by your knits and how wonderful your work is.

Love the yarn especially the color...

Didn't October go so fast? I didn't even get round to joining Soctoberfest! I love the blue cowl.

That yarn color is super yummy!! I hope my name pops up:) This is fun:)

what fun! love the cowl - and love the color. Best wishes to all entrants for such a great give-away! You're the best, Janet.

Please pick me. I love the color.

Janet: You KNOW that is my favorite color. Your long lost friend, Mariann. Back in Wisconsin, where it is COLD.

I have never entered anything like this before. What fun! I'll keep my knitting needles crossed.

Yes please!!!!! Yarn and music!!!!!

Hi! I just learned how to knit a few weeks ago, and found your blog. Wow, knitting is addictive, huh? I had no idea! I've been knitting every day since I started. :)

You done gone Cowl Crazy! Ark ark.

Yum, what a decadent, delicious red!! I covet that skein.

Lovely squooshy looking cowl there! And that Jitterbug is gorgeous, too.

The yarn in Embossed Leaves is a great combo to celebrate Socktober!

Gorgeous deep red!

What a beautiful prize. Please add me to the list.

And Eat.Sleep.Knit. has pretty good prices, too!

Janet, I love the genius feature, too! Also, Eat.Sleep.Knit is a great little store, and did you know that she's now having a 20% sale at the moment?

I would love to be entered. That is a beautiful cowl! :)

I would love a chance to win that lovely yarn. Your cowl is cozy and soft-looking and I love the idea that it can be knit up so quickly...Christmas is coming too fast. :)

I've just cast on my first cowl, but I can already tell that it won't be my last one! They're fun, addictive knits, and yours is beautiful!

I just had to comment on that cowl - malabrigo yumminess to keep you warm!

Gorgeous Cowl! I've never used Malibrigo before... it's on my wish list.

Yo-happy scary day to you! Chris sent me here- very nice yarn you got there around your neck!

Ooo! Love that Malabrigo color. Must resist the urge to run to the yarn store and buy some for myself....

Would love a CD mix, oh and yarn too.

I will delurk...the color is very pretty.

I love your cowl, and please count me in - that's gorgeous yarn!

Mmmm. Red! I love red.

Ooooh very nice colour... I adore red! And I like your cowl, it looks really comfy and nice (and in malabrigo it should feel nice too)

I've got to make one of those cowls. It looks sooo warm and comfortable.

Happy Halloween! Stop reading and go eat candy.

Love the color - pick me! I know I'll win : - )

that is a gorgeous color!

I heart red. Pick me!

Gorgeous yarn!! :)

Thanks for the review of Malabrigo chunky--I will definitely add that to my "must-try" list!

My husband and I have tried out the Genuis feature of iTunes a few times, and we're pretty impressed. Occasionally there's a surprise (how does Simon and Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound" connect to the Cranberries?), but most of the suggestions make sense.

Love the cowl and the yarn. Happy Halloween!

Ooh, lots of 'pick me's'!

I came over from Stumbling Over Chaos and am glad I did! Nice cowl! I love reds, so if randomness is kind to me, I will give the yarn (and the mix CD) a good home. Happy Halloween!

The yarn loves beautiful...and I really need to add some red to my stash....thanks.

What a gorgeous color! That cowl is lovely. And the Jitterbug, too!

I followed Chaotic Chris' contest link and found your cowl. Perfect! I have a skein of Malabrigo Chunky languishing in my stash. Using that will make room for the lushess skein of sock yarn. :-)

Beautifuk cowl, love the color. Found you thro Stumblingover Chaos.

One skein projects are fab, aren't they? Happy Halloween.

I like the speckliness of your cowl. (I'll have to actually try Genius now!)

*throwing elbows in wildly*

gorgeous cowl! one-skein warmness rules.

i *love* the colour of that skein. if the random no. genny doesn't pick me i might have to buy me some... =)

oh! Cowls appear to be all the rage...and I love the color of both of those yarns! Happy Halloween!

I love your cowl and I'm in to knitting them too - I just did the Birthday Cowl for a gift, they're so quick to knit ;)
I'm too late for the giveaway, but best of luck to everyone that entered :)

Oh, what a bad time to go on vacation!