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Happy Fall

I gave a mouse a pumpkin.jpg

My youngest son loves the Laura Joffe Numeroff / Felicia Bond series of books and especially the classic If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. If you've been reading me for a while, you'll remember my knitting a sweater for Mouse a few years ago. Although I know that one famous knitter won't knit for inanimate objects, I'm obviously not one of them. So when I re-visited Wool Windings' felted pumpkin pattern last month, I knew exactly who needed a tiny felted pumpkin. I dipped into my well-aged stash and found two of my favorite yarns - Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in Rust and a wonderful tweedy green Cascade 220. I'll admit that at first I felt that I might knit a bunch of these little pumpkins, but after one pumpkin, the novelty wore off. They're cute, but I've got a lot of other things to knit, so perhaps I'll just knit (and felt) a new one every year.

I didn't felt this pumpkin in the washing machine -- I used hot water and wool wash in my bathroom sink to "agitate" and felt it by hand. I love the fuzziness of the Lamb's Pride (thank you, mohair) and the woodsiness of the green Cascade.


Now I have visions of knitting a vest for mouse and matching one for a boy.

UPDATE: Thank you Kim and Tracy for letting me know I had comments turned off!


So so cute... you just want to hug them both!!!

Ah, much better! Your pumpkin is absolutely adorable. I have no issue with knitting for inanimate objects, especially since they have no opinions. Sweet mouse!

Janet,this is so cute!!!

Very cute!

Those are great books! And that mouse is adorable - he deserves a pumpkin!

this is a sweet idea!
lambs pride is great for it!

this is a sweet idea!
lambs pride is great for it!

That pumpkin is absolutely adorable. Thanks for the link!

And I always think it's funny when people put moratoriums on knitted items.... I swore I'd never knit a shawl, and it ended up being one of the most enjoyable projects eh-var! So ya never know! :)

So cute for fall!

So cute! My kids love that book too!

Oh Janet my grandma in Wales used to make little felted stuffed animals like this, I LOVE your lil pal:)

And so psyched for you re:Spacedust!!!


I remember that book. Very cute pumpkin.

That pumpkin is tooo cute. I am knitting a pumpkin hat for my co-workers baby.

i love that pumpkin!