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Malabrigo Pagoda Cowl

I think I've mentioned before why I am so hopeless in my desire to become a stashless knitter - I'll fall in love with a yarn (it's the color I see first) and I buy ONE skein in the belief that I will find a just-right pattern for it eventually. And I do. And I did:

Birthday Cowl - Pagoda Malabrigo

Heather knit this cowl with the gorgeous "Vaa" colorway in the Malabrigo. And then I remembered that Vanessa had knit one too. I'm just a little late to the party. I'd already used some of the Pagoda to knit a ball, but I was confident I'd have enough left over to knit the cowl.

The pattern, Birthday Cowl, is from Nova's blog, Novamade. I used a Size 8 (5mm) circular needle and didn't make any modifications to the pattern. Mine is about 9 inches tall; I didn't measure the opening, but since it goes over my head, it's just right. I'll be shipping this to my mom because it's already cold in Cowiche. (Jayne, don't show her this blog entry please!)

Here's a less artsy shot of the cowl -- it's a more accurate color too.

I've got a few other cowl patterns in my queue and a lot of potential necks to warm! Have you knit one yet?


oh,have knit a few ;-))...fun knits and great gifts,too. love yours!

Cowls are the greatest! I just finished one for myself (though if my nephew likes it, it's his) and plan to make more. Already have the B'day Cowl in my queue.

Perfect color on you!

I have never knit one, but I have a lot of Yankee necks that would most likely love them! Thanks for sharing and it is beautiful!

Very nice! I like the diagonal striping effect.

I love it! Enough that I added it to my queue and am about to print the pattern. :)

This is too funny that you linked to MY cowl, because I'm about to copy YOURS!

Love your toasty mitts. I just knit the Birthday Cowl last week too in Classic Elite's 'LUSH'. Love how yours looks on you, and love the color.

Stashless knitter? Pshaw. I fail that one miserably. ;) Love the cowl - I'll bet it feels heavenly in the mmmalabrigo.

So beautiful! You could wear it with the weather we're having today!

Thats a lovely cowl ... I too aspire to be a stash less knitter but that day will never come!

Love the color. It reminds me of raspberry sorbet. So pretty.

That color is amazing! Your mom will love that, Janet.

Anything that uses up those single balls in the stash is a winner! Yours is lovely, maybe I'll knock one out quickly!

The color is so pretty! It's a wonderful cowl!

Amazing color..I just love Pagoda...Malabrigo.. there's just nothing like it... beautifully done!

Pagoda--such a genius call for this pattern!!