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Socktoberfest 2008


I'm joining in the fall festival of sock celebration otherwise known as Socktoberfest IV -- and I'm fully embracing the 'no rules' mindset that Lolly's always envisioned for Socktoberfest. I've not been able to focus on socks for months due to a number of different group knitalongs and design projects but those commitments are winding down and I'm delighted to return to sock knitting this Fall. I love that there are exciting sock knitting books still being published and new patterns to peruse on Ravelry and Knitty (and several other new online knitting magazines). If you'll notice, however, I'm knitting a sock from a pattern that is nearly three years old (but still as popular as ever). It's a wonderful pattern -- and if you can knit a Monkey sock, you can knit the Embossed Leaves sock pattern. The good news is that you no longer have to try to hunt down a back issue of the Interweave Knits in which it appeared; it's in the Favorite Socks book.

I don't yet know what my focus will be for this year's Socktoberfest, but I do know that Twisted Yarns has some exciting new sock yarns (Dream in Color Smooshy, Shibui Sock, Colinette Jitterbug, Regia Kaffe Fasset . . . plus so many more) but I'm the most excited about the saturated semi-solids like the Colinette Jitterbug -- I'm using the Morello Mash colorway for the Embossed Leaves socks. So, since buying sock yarn is another hobby of mine, expect to see some stash enhancement.

Happy Socktoberfest!


I came across ur blog by accident and it was a good accident, cos I love your blog,I also knit sock's and at the moment I have taught myself with the help of a book how to knit 2 socks at same time, which cut's out the dreaded s.s.s (second sock syndrome)

I am so happy that you are along for the ride, Janet~ it is such a fun time!

Yea for Socktoberfest! Although, for me, it's always Socktoberfest.

I love saturated semi-solids, too!

This is my favourite sock pattern and the second I've seen being knit for Socktoberfest!

I LOVE the yarn too - just delicious!

Oh man, it didn't dawn on me that it's the beginning of Socktoberfest. Good thing I've got a pair on the needles already.

the time is right for socks!

Sounds like a fun idea and then I remembered I don't really knit socks though I have this weird habit of buying sock yarn and sock needles.

Your socks are gorgeous.

These socks remain one of my favorite all-time patterns. The yarn and color you chose is amazing. So saturated and beautiful.

Love this pattern and yarn together, as you well know;)

Gorgeous colors for Embossed Leaves! Enjoy Socktoberfest! I'm looking forward to seeing your stash enhancement.

Sounds like a perfect plan for Socktober Fest. I'm just trying to get the current Jaywalkers done and my design done too.

I love this sock pattern too - so satisfying how all the elements tie in to each other. Yours look lovely so far!

Your socks (as all your knitting) are Fab! Socks are always such fun. Oh, and I Love your Blog too!

oooooooooooooh, beautiful!

I have that book and have looked at that pattern a million times but never have tried it. I love the yarn you choose, so pretty! I did the Monkey sock so maybe I'll give this a shot!

gorgeous color! absolutely stunning! the stitches are so beautifully defined. this picture almost made me swoon... i frogged my no-purls monkeys last night - it's a good thing. :)
hope all is well. will send an email soon.... sending love and hugs now.

Oh goodness, how I *LOVE* the color of that yarn!!! I must go by the shop and get some - it is fabulous!!!

I can't wait to see how these socks turn out!

I love that there is a month for sock knitting – I might learn to knit them by next year. And I LOVE those socks.

That is such a pretty start to your socks! Hooray for socktoberfest!

what a gorgeous color!.. I just keep staring at it.. can one stalk a sock? :oP