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Toasty Mitts


I loved knitting these thumb-less tubes and Leslie did a great job with the pattern inspiration she found from the photos in Toast (go browse the catalogue - it's gorgeous).

Do you knitters have a "carry-along" project with you at all times? I do - and mine's usually a plain sock to knit while I wait in the car-rider line at school or the doctor's office. These fingerless mitts filled the role of being my carry-along for a couple of days. You know those people who say they have no time to knit? They would have time to knit these.

I didn't deviate at all from Leslie's pattern except for my yarn choice. The yarn shop doesn't carry the Classic Elite Portland Tweed, but it seemed like the Kathmandu Aran was close enough in gauge that I could try it. (I would still like to knit a pair with the Black Forest Portland Tweed). Click to see how the mitts work like sleeves.

This weekend, I learned Portuguese knitting using a knitting pin and I want to blog about that soon; I loved it; purling for me went so much faster this way. I'd love to hear whether any of you have already tried it.


I love the Kathmandu Aran! Yummy stuff - I'm sure your hands are very happy. :)

Actually I use my thumb in a similar pattern while purling. But my yarn still comes from the back. I first started knitting with throwing, but soon learned it was slowing me down. When I switched to picking my thumb just naturally went down to help the yarn while purling.

I have never heard of Portuguese knitting or a knitting pin. It's sounds interesting. I can't wait to hear more.

I've heard about around the neck. Actually Sally Melville told the class I was in about it. She saw a woman knitting that way (around neck) at her Color's Book photo shoot and she stopped to chat the woman up about it.

How interesting, can't wait to hear about your adventures in Portuguese knitting.

I love the Katmandu dk. It's so soft to the touch, and the colors are perfectly flecked. This simple pattern is so great. To answer your Flickr question, of course I was wearing my Toasts. What else would I wear to meet Leslie? ;)

I have a little knitting bag that I carry around religiously. It clips to my purse and I have a sock and a cowl in it. I knit everywhere. I knit while standing in line for coffee; waiting rooms; carpool; at traffic stop lights....

I like your mitts. Interesting about that style of knitting but it looks hard to me!

ahhh! so happy that you made these!
thanks. :)

So pretty and comfy looking!

Before I knew better I used to have whatever one project I was working on as my "carry along" project. You can imagine what that entailed when I was knitting a sweater for my fiancee, especially towards the end when I was knitting the hoodie onto the completed rest of the sweater.
Now I've learned better, and generally have a sock or mitten or hat to knit on the bus, and something larger for in front of the TV.

If I'm working on something smaller I usually cart that along. I don't always have a project specified for that purpose. Right now I'm toting around my Clapotis, which is getting bigger and bigger...

I like the idea of the toast as sleeves under a 3/4-sleeve sweater to extend the warmth. Pretty color of the Katmandu aran, which I've heard is discontinued.

Looking forward to hearing more about the Portugese knitting!

These are PERFECT for October!