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This blog entry is dedicated to Jennie, who in an unfortunate turn of events had her Flickr account suspended. If you're a knitter, visit her NEW Flickr account and add her as a contact/friend.

So I never did blog here about my oldest son's broken arm or my younger son's stitches, did I? While it was difficult and upsetting and both things happened two days apart a couple of months ago, I can count any number of blessings that have come about since it all happened. We didn't have to experience it alone either -- some very cool heads (not mine) prevailed. Stitches were out weeks ago and the cast was off last week. Both boys are fine and probably much more cautious now as a result. I, however, have a few more gray hairs.

An outcome-related knit:


I started this dishcloth on election day because I had a lot of nervous energy. I finished it moments before discovering the outcome and I honestly didn't expect to cry during McCain's speech, but I did. I cried again (harder) during Obama's. While I will never share what happens when I'm at the ballot box (not even with my own husband), I voted courageously and I'm happy with the outcome. I'm proud of our country. While my faith in the leadership and direction of the country had been shaken these past four years, I was very aware that this is the first election in my memory in which my dad couldn't vote. (For my new readers, he's suffering from dementia and is now in a nursing home). He's always set the example for me regarding faithfulness in voting. And although he was the one who actively demonstrated that it is our civic duty and privilege to vote, we knew not to ask how he was casting his vote; I'm continuing that proud tradition because it's how I roll. I voted on your behalf, Dad, and your grandsons were with me.



I'm glad your boys are doing alright.

What a wonderful post dedicated to your dad!

And thank you so much for sending some love my way. You've made my week!

What a lovely tribute to your dad.

Really nice post for your dad. I cried during Obama's speech too, and thought McCain's was great.

I love the photo of your dad, and how you are following on the things he taught you. And I'm glad your boys are better!

I'm really hopeful, too. And your dad sounds like a great man.

I'm sorry to hear about your boys' incidents, but I guess it falls under the category of "boys will be boys." Who would have thought that election day would have been so emotional? I can't remember another election as charged as this one was. I love the picture of your dad!

What a handsome man your Dad is. Love his smile and how it goes into his eyes.

Thanks for your post and for a reminder of my Dad -- a real "old Navy" guy who died 11 years ago and who I miss just about every day. Just like your father, he set an example for civic engagement and service.

the photo of your father makes me smile.

those kids really bring on the gray, huh! (that's my excuse) :)

Great photo of your Dad!

Eek! You've been through it! Glad everyone's okay, and I'm sure the gray isn't even noticeable. :o)

(((hugs))) Sometimes I don't have words that would add anything. But I'm sorry about all of that, and love the dishcloth, and adore that shot of your dad. Love you.

oh...I'm smiling...and love that fancy dishcloth!

boys...and your dad! how great!and that fancy washcloth!

Glad your boys are doing well and good for your dad. My dad has alzheimer's and it's hard to see his memories slipping.

Boy did I ever cry on election night! I'm so happy with the outcome.

Dad is a handsome man!!!! Good news is they boys work as a team, and didn't lay it all on ya in one hour/day, etc... :) btw - I LOVE that Malabrigo Sock you have over on Flickr!!!! What color is that?