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Happy Holidays

Mom in sweater and snow - Vintage Tokyo

I hope that my sense of calm and preparedness doesn't dissipate, but it's this exact feeling that I'm hoping to keep through the holidays. I'm looking forward to some time after all the gifts are opened and the festivities are winding down -- that's the time I want to spend revisiting some of my knitting plans. This past Saturday, I purchased Noro Silk Garden (249) to knit another Sursa; some Kaffe Fassett DK-weight sock yarn to knit some "replacement" socks for a pair that has gone traveling (without feet in them, unfortunately). I also have several ornament patterns in my queue that I'm hoping to knit while our tree is still up. They'll get packed away when we take down the tree and I hope to sigh with delight when I see them again in 2009.

As I reduce my expectations and stress each year, the enjoyment of the holiday increases. And I'm learning to enjoy the cozy feeling I get when I wake up on a cold morning without a long list of things to do. However I did let an anniversary pass without blogging about it -- five years knitting. Five years ago, when I asked my mom what she'd like for Christmas, she asked for cotton dishcloths -- and I knew what kind she was talking about because I always picked some up for her at craft fairs and church bazaars. This time, I decided to try to make them. Five years later, I'm still knitting dishcloths . . . and much more. The raw materials and supplies have changed a bit, but I'm glad to know that at least one person I know still loves getting them.

Yarn - Knit Picks CotLin in Moroccan Red

Happy Holidays to my friends and family far and wide. May peace reign in your hearts and minds and may you enjoy lots of cozy handknits throughout the New Year.

Here's one more holiday greeting card for my sisters (click to view larger). I hope it makes you smile:



Amen to making things simpler! Happy holidays!!!

Great photos, as always. I'm with you, simpler is better. Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays! May the new year bring you lots of joy.

Happy Holidays! I look forward to seeing what ornament styles you've picked out

Has it really been 5 years? Wow! Time sure flies! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Janet!

Has it really been 5 years? Wow! Time sure flies! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Janet!

Happy knitting anniversary! That card is very cool. You have the best bits of family history.

Yea for stress free holidays! I'm with you! Happy holidays and happy 5-yr. blogiversary.

Oh,Merry Christmas to you,Janet. I do so love the card! Happy 5th!

Love your holiday post. Thank you for your wishes and I KNOW you will get it in return as well..100 fold!

We share an anniversary, then - it was only this time five years ago that I started knitting, too!

Merry Christmas! May we all figure out that less is more. :)

Wonderful photos. Sounds like you have the right idea. Making things simple!

Five years! You've only been knitting for five years! I thought you'd been knitting forever since your FOs look perfect.

hai,... happy holidays

Have a lovely holiday too, my Mum has asked for some dishcloths this year, I must get making them! x

Happy holidays to you too!

Happy Christmas to you too! I know just what you mean about paring it down - I've been forced to do that this year as I had flu last week, but it's been quite nice!

i am so happy for you.
wishing you and yours the delights of the season. i'll see you on the other side....
love and hugs!

Happy 5 years Janet!! :)

I hope you and your loved ones have a fantastic holiday too and an even better new year!

Merry Christmas and Blessed New year!. I love reading all about your family... and see all the pretty knits

Happy holidays, Janet! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and new year.

Wishing you joy and a happy and healthy 2009. xx

Happy...Merry...Joy...all of it to you. Wonderful images, awesome words and amazing knits posted here...5 years!! Amazing what you've accomplished starting from a dishcloth. Congratulations!! and thank you for everything!!