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If you guessed I've been busy

If you guessed I've been busy, you'd be right.

Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Sursa Shawl

But there has been knitting - including a couple of things for me. And one of my 2009 wishes was granted a couple of weeks ago. I learned to crochet. In no particular order, there are a few crochet projects that have inspired me to want to learn since I saw them for the first time: Kathy Merrick's Babette Blanket, Cecily Keim's Larger than Life Bag, a Soft Waves Ripple Blanket (like Alicia Paulson's) but with Cascade 220 (the colors in Yarn Bee's Ripple are my inspiration) and several more - including some smaller projects - in my Ravelry favorites. Big thanks to Ann for teaching me. I actually love crocheting! I was prepared to like it (it's so fast!) but loving it is a nice surprisel

And the project in the photo at the beginning of the post? It's my third Sursa Shawl (from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Book Two), in colors (Noro Silk Garden 249) I rarely choose for myself. There's pink and blue in there - probably a first for me. It seems to work with the warm rust and yellow because Noro is brilliant. I wore it for the first time yesterday and purchased a gorgeous shawl pin that I can't wait to show you. The pin allows me to wear the shawl without fiddling with it while I teach (in this case, the beginning knitter's class yesterday).

Finished Sursa shawl draped and worn

There's more catching up to do and I'll probably spread it over a few entries. My mom is here in Texas to stay with us a while after having been in L.A. since after Thanksgiving. Los Angeles is a tough act to follow weather-wise, but thankfully, we've had some beautiful weather since she arrived last week.


you have been busy...beautiful shawl,just beautiful!

Enjoy your Mom's visit. Noro has the most amazing colors. Totally addictive.

That's just lovely! I'm a big fan of Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. Not always a big fan of Noro, but that's a beautiful shawl. The colors don't look jumbled together at all, everything blends nicely and looks very classy.

It's gorgeous! The simple stitch really shows off the beautiful colours! I hope you share pics of the shawl pin when you get it too!

Gah! I still love that shawl pattern! And those colors look great on you!

And congrats on learning how to crochet! (I still have yet to learn.) Have you seen "Simple Crochet"? I want to make almost everything in that book!!!

I love your Sursa shawl...the colors are beautiful and look great on you.

I love that shaw!!! Once my other projects are complete, I plan on stitching one in those exact same colors! It was gorgeous and the pin was perfect :-)

Love your shawl, just yummy. How did you learn to crochet- I can knit fast and furious, and would love to learn to crochet, but I just can't seem to pick it up. Did you take a class, or use a book?

The colours of that shawl are just beautiful.

Well done on the crochet, I finally managed a ripple blanket recently and am itching to do some more hooking, it's so addictive once you get going.

Incredibly gorgeous colors. I know a little crochet, but I'm still on the fence.

Love the shawl. I am enjoying Noro in a scarf right now. I had forgotten how much fun it is to knit.

Congratulations on learning to crochet. It is fun to be able to both knit and crochet.

Ha! the one and only reason I want to learn how to crochet is so I can make a larger than life bag. I LOVE that bag.

Gorgeous shawl!

Very beautiful! The colors are amazing.

I will need to learn to crochet as I have a sweater pattern (yarn was a Christmas gift) that requires crocheted edging. I had a "traumatic" crocheting experience in 4th grade, during which my teacher/friend (a 5th grader) commented on my crocheting problems that she thought I was smarter than my crocheting seemed to indicate. I guess at 45 I should be over that by now!

Oh wowza your shawl is a stunner, Janet!!

Happy crocheting! It will help you cover more area with your favorite yarn quickly.

Such beautiful colors. And ambitions for crochet! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I love your wrap, gorgeous colours.

Gorgeous! Love the colors.

yay! Time with your mom is great.

What a beautiful yarn. The shawl looks so soft and warm.

Beautiful shawl. Can't wait to see the pin.. Enjoy the time w/Mom!

the new Sursa shawl is so beautiful~ those colors are so calming. i can't wait to see more of your crochet :)

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