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Just Enough Red for Valentine's Day

Just Enough Ruffles scarf - pattern by Laura Chau at CosmicPluto.com
Just Enough Ruffles in Malabrigo (worsted) "Garnet"

Last week, I got a little bit antsy for something red and also to find time to actually knit (my mom is still visiting). Red yarns make up the bulk of my impulse yarn purchases -- it's a color I'll frequently buy and stash before I have a plan or a pattern for the yarn. This Malabrigo in Garnet is an orangish shade of red with pops of light pink and brown. It was initially slated for a Wonderful Wallaby, but I couldn't get gauge with it and finally accepted it would need to be something else. So although I had planned to find a neutral color yarn for the Just Enough Ruffles scarf, I saw two skeins of Malabrigo in my closet, already wound in center-pull cakes, and I liberated them to knit a little something to wear on Valentine's Day tomorrow. However, I misread the well-written increase instructions and didn't end up with the required number of ruffle stitches. In spite of that, I chose to finish the scarf anyway and I love it. I love the yarn. I love the color. I love the pattern. My knitting mistakes didn't prove to be fatal and I'd already planned to knit another before even starting this one.

Several little things have found me feeling off-kilter this week, but finding this fortune was a highlight:

Fortune on Red Fiestaware Pedestal Bowl

It's so true . . . and it's something I've discovered over and over again in my lifetime.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and readers.

Hibiscus in The Woodlands, Texas

I'm inspired to incorporate more red into my life this year . . . and I absolutely love it with yellow.


Happy Valentine's Day! I love the scarf and photos. And you are right, the fortune is very true.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I completely support you in adding more red to your life!!

And I love the fortune - and agree, it is very true.

Love your wrap as it is just perfect for tomorrow's love day! :o)

Gurl I am all for you incorporating more red! ;op And this year I am actually trying to get away from so much (as well as Malabrigo!!)! Haha!

And SO true @ fortune...as I found out when I "kept on living"

Happy V-day Janet!

Very pretty! Happy Valentine's Day!

Beautiful scarf -- and what a wonderful place to put Malabrigo, up against your neck! Perfect place for such a soft yarn.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think the scarf is perfect. I love the little flower you've added. I find red very cheerful... Happy Valentine's Day, Janet!

That is delightful and love the little flower touch. Got to look great on you with your hair, eyes and coloring.

I'm like you on the red, I have to remind myself not to buy ALL my yarn in red!

The scarf looks adorable!

I have got to jump on the Just Enough Ruffles bandwagon- they are all so cute!

Yours looks so cozy!

You inspired me to make that scarf. I am working on it now. I like the less ruffles. Yours is very pretty. I like the flower you added.

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