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Henry Snodgrass: 3rd Great Grandfather


Henry Snodgrass
Born July 16, 1816 (Virginia)
Died November 22, 1895 (Ohio)

Henry Snodgrass is my 3rd Great Grandfather on my paternal Grandmother's side. I've not written much about my American ancestry simply because I'm more curious about the Japanese side of my family. Recently, however, I've been contacted by several distant cousins from this branch of my family and was sent a few photos and information regarding Henry. For me, one of the striking things about this photo of Henry is that I can see some of my dad's features in Henry's face -- the jawline and the deep-set eyes for instance.

While doing more research, I found the Snodgrass Clan Society and information regarding Snodgrass origins in Scotland. There's a family crest with the Latin ("Facta Non Verba") for "Deeds not Words" and a tartan as well.

Henry remarried after his first wife died and continued to father children until he had 21 (or perhaps 22) offspring. The distant cousins who've been in contact with me are all descended from Henry's first marriage to Elizabeth Phillips. Their grandson, George T. Snodgrass, Jr., is my great-grandfather. George married Sarah Yeater and among their children was my grandmother Ethel. Several generations of this branch of the Snodgrass family lived in Martins Ferry, Ohio where my dad was born.

Another historical tidbit: the year in which Henry was born -- 1816 -- is known as the Year without a Summer -- a weather event caused by the volcanic eruption in 1815 of Mount Tambora in Indonesia. This event subsequently impacted climates around the world.

Let the stories be told
They can say what they want
Let the photos be bold
Let them show what they want

--Good Times Roll, The Cars


That's a wonderful photograph and fascinating that you can recognise familiar features. Snodgrass is a rather splendid name and my oh my, how prolific he was, 22 children!

Great photo! I'm glad you have been in contact with your distant cousins. It's fun to find relatives like that. I found two in Australia!

Family history is a really interesting thing isn't it - you are lucky that you are able to find out this sort of information. And my, imagine 21 children these days!

I think it's so amazing that you are doing this and finding out about your relatives. I bet they are happy to be remembered too.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you can see similarities between your father and his grandfather, but a photo from that seems like it comes from another world altogether. How wonderful to increase your knowledge about your family in this way!

Very interesting!

There are some Snodgrass families in our area. Wonder if they're related!

Henry Snodgrass is my G.G.Grandfather.John Nelson Snodgrass is G.Grandfather.John C.N.Snodgrass is my Grandfather on my father side.Love to hear from you.Who was Henry's Parents.We have info that his mother was a Mingo Indian.

Thanks so much for posting this picture, he is my 3rd great grandfather too. I'm looking forward to sharing the picture with my Dad (who is originally from Martins Ferry Ohio too). Very cool, thanks again!

I have to say, I really enjoy your blog. Maybe you could let me know how I can go about subscribing with it?

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