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Soft Waves Ripple

Soft Waves Ripple - smaller size
Soft Waves Ripple on Ravelry

Once in a while there's this desire fueled by obsession that's immediately foiled by the realization of lack of knowledge and skill. That was me a couple of years ago when I was reading this blog entry at Posie Gets Cozy. (At the time, the link(s) she pointed to all worked, but some of them no longer do). I enjoyed all of Alicia's "Ripple" blog entries up to the final result.

The appeal of this particular ripple is that it's not "chevron-y." There are no pointy peaks so reminiscent of eyeball-burning 70's crochet. The softer ripple pattern was so visually soothing and I wanted one! And remember when I shamelessly requested and then received one from my friend Stacey? Oh yeah - I did. And I love it and treasure it.

But. I put it out there -- a wispy wish to learn to crochet that grew into searching for endless crochet favorites on Ravelry. And if you click enough hearts on those crochet projects, your crocheting co-worker will notice and send you a message asking when she can teach you to crochet already! (That "Friends Activity" tab makes one very transparent apparently). Ann taught me to crochet in a 2-hour session at the yarn shop and I blogged about it briefly here. A couple of days after my crochet lesson, my mom arrived for what turned into a challenging seven-week visit. And at the halfway point of her stay here, I purchased the first several skeins for the planned Ripple, which I'd decided had to be in Cascade 220 Superwash. I wasn't able to focus on knitting due to feeling stressed and short of time, so I crocheted smaller things in order to work with the Cascade and get an idea how it would feel to crochet with it.

While I've traded one family crisis for another and in spite of many other long-term knits in progress, I figured . . . why the hell NOT just start the blanket with the colors I have? So I bought the book in which the pattern appears - 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns: Exciting Patterns to Knit & Crochet for Afghans, Blankets & Throws, by Jan Eaton. I had NO idea it would include both knitting and crochet patterns -- that was a total bonus! If you wish to attempt a Ripple without buying this book, there is a free pattern online that looks really good too. Jan Eaton's book, however, is the source of the "Soft Waves" Ripple - page 19. I started this on Saturday night after asking Gayle (another co-worker) for help understanding the instructions. There are no charts in this book and that can sometimes clarify things when I get stuck. Here's the progress since Saturday:


I really needed this bit of success in conquering a project where I could directly control the outcome -- and rip out a dozen times if I needed to.


Oh, I do like those soft ripples. I like your colors, too. Very nice. I made several ripple afghans for my kids some years ago. There is something very theraputic about crocheting them. They are very snuggly when finished, too.

Bravo!! I love it so much. And isn't it so much easier to frog in crochet? LOL

Lovely - never would have guessed that you are new to crochet! I also want to learn - this afghan has been on my to-do list for awhile.

Love the ripples!

So pretty! My sister is big into crochet and after watching her for a weekend, I'm sorely tempted. It goes so quickly!

Oh, it's so pretty already. I wish I could crochet. I really shoulda taken the class, but there's too much knitting that I want to do to take up something new.

P.S. I hope things are better on the home front

Holy Cannoli that's an awesome looking blanket. Are you giving it to one of the kiddos? Or keeping it for yourself? That would be part to part with.

Ohhhhhh my god I just thought of something! Maybe you can teach me to crochet in April???? (Assuming things work out with that weekend?!)

That is so pretty and looks like it would be really cozy on our cold nights here in the Pacific NW and I think as your oldest sister, well I should have one, don't make me bribe u!!! hee hee

Ooooh! I like! Definitely better than the chevron-y ones (one of which my dearly departed paternal grandmother made for me many moons ago). This is one I'd love to try! I'm working on my first afghan using a different color per row of single crochets. Tediously long, but very relaxing and satisfying. Reminds me! I need to take some pics and blog about it!
Btw, a belated happy birthday to Erica!

Looks lovely already. I can't believe you are new to crochet as this looks VERY well done.

Just luv it! Everyone is on the crochet tip lately!

You know it is National Crochet month! ;op

It's looking so good already. I love ripples, they're addictive :)

I really like the soft ripples - hmmm, might have to get this book. Yay for another crocheter! Crochet rocks (but I still love my knitting too)

Beautiful. Here's what my daughter said looking at this picture.
"Ohhh. ... Mommy! (like whining) I wanna make rainbow thing, too!"

Lovely ripples. You're making me feel like pouring into my crochet pattern books ......

Janet, your crochet looks great! I'm currently collecting scraps of Dream In Color Classy to make my ripple afghan. Still need a few more colors but I can't wait to start.

The soft ripples are really pretty. I've heard crochet uses a lot more yarn per unit area than knitting. Is that true?

I also saw this blanket on Posie! It's great that the book has both knitting and crochet patterns, I love to knit but have no idea about crochet!

Happy Rippling.

Ok, now you crochet?? Awesome, so jealous. I totally get the appeal of this project.

I love Posie Gets Cozy! Good for you for just doing it - starting in on that pretty blanket! I need to learn how to crochet.

Oh, I love it! It looks like such a happy project!

I love the soft wave pattern and the colours you are using are gorgeous, they have a lovely seaside feel to them.

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