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Erica at 5 months

Erica Jordan is TWENTY today

Twenty years ago today, I was having an emergency c-section so that a baby we thought was in distress could make her entrance. Erica weighed in at exactly 8 pounds and was perfectly healthy and actually not in any distress at all -- other than being unhappy about being yanked from her comfy, dark home.

It's kind of startling how quickly twenty years has gone by for both of us. While we've had some rocky years here and there, I think we're on the other side of it and can finally appreciate our differences and celebrate the irony that while our personalities are opposite, we look so much alike.

Happy Birthday, Erica!


It looks like that beautiful baby has grown into a beautiful young woman. Well done you.

Happy Birthday to Erica congratulations to you for raising such a beautiful girl that also beautiful on the inside too. Besides, we have all had those "rocky" times especially during our teen years!

Happy Birthday, Erica!

Seems like just yesterday you were 18!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday Erica!

Happy 20th to Erica!

Also, have you seen the movie 'Tokyo Story'? I watched it last night and wondered if you'd seen it...

Happy Birthday to Erica!

Janet, you raised a gorgeous daughter.

happy birthday erica! you two look like twins! gorgeous twins.

Happy Birthday Erica!! Such a beautiful girl, just like her mom!

oh my. she was gorgeous as a baby, also.

happy birthday erica!!!

Happy Birthday Erica!1!

Your daughter is beautiful! Happy Birthday Erica!

Happy Birthday to Erica! Best wishes for a wonderful year.

I love the two photos. Amazing how those pudgy baby cheeks turned into such wonderful, high cheekbones.

Happy Birthday!! Erica!! Still amazes me that our daughters share the same day!
Great photos!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby who is now a beautiful woman!

She is beautiful just like you Janet! Happy birthday wishes to her.

Congratulations to both of you!

Happy Birthday, Erica! And to you too, mom...

Happy birthday Erica! :)

amazing...such a beautiful baby...a gorgeous twenty year old...they go by so fast.happy BD to Erica and a happy day to you, too!

Happy birthday Erica!

Happy birthday beautiful Erica - you look just like your gorgeous mama. x

oh wow 20!! Happy birthday to your girl!

Happy birthday, Erica! And what a special day for you too, Janet

Congrats to you both!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl.

Happy (belated) birthday to Erica, and happy *Birth* day to you as well!

Happy Birthday to your Erica! She is beautiful-that pic. looks like a model shot!

I'm way behind in my blogs. Love Erica's baby picture. You two could be gorgeous twins if we didn't know any better.

Time flies doesn't it? She is beautiful, you must be very proud!
Hope that you are well. I am still lurking/reading your blog and wearing my favorite socks.

Is that her now? What a beauty! Congratulations on two decades of motherhood!

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