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You can come home again

I had to take a short blog sabbatical while Erica moved back home again after living in Florida for two years. We're all adjusting to the new rhythm of the household, but we're delighted she's back with us for a while. So, that's the reason for my serious lack of knitting during the month of March. The crochet project - the Ripple - is something I pick up and work on whenever I have a spot of time.

Rumpled Soft Ripple Crochet Blanket

My best decision about this blanket was to keep it on the small side -- it's a junior-size afghan. The decision I most regret is including the "Aran" or white yarn. But since this is the first of what will be many softly-rippled crochet blankets, my next one(s) will be planned better and I'll be trying cotton or cotton-blends.

Anybody else notice the crochet resurgence? Now's a great time to jump in and start crocheting -- whether it's for the first time or the first time in a long time. Check out Flickr if you need a dose of crochet inspiration. I also made a mosaic this morning that includes colorful crochet visuals and some other random images that made me smile.

Finally, this is my week to Fix, Frog, or Finish my fiber projects. It's also time to de-stash, donate and declutter. Watch this space for more information. You might score some cool fibers.


I love the afghan! I like all the colors. So pretty!

Loving the colors in your afghan. The blanket of green squares in your mosaic is something else! What a lot of beautiful work. I haven't crocheted in awhile, but getting the urge to do it again now!

you are definitely moving along quickly with the ripples. the colours really look great together.

How pretty! I can hardly wait for mine!!

It's very pretty! Hooray for having Erica back with you. :)

Glad that Erica is back with you. Love the alliterative to-do list, BTW.

so pretty...and so happy you have your daughter for a little while longer :)

Isn't the blanket looking good? I love the colours.

I just love the ease of a project you can pick up any ol' time!

Well, I have had the book with this pattern on the shelf for over a year now. I bought it to try my hand at crochet, but I soon forgot about it.
After reading your posts I think I will revisit it.
Yours looks great!

The colors you chose are so happy!

What yarns are you using?

I love smaller blankets, just more gratifying sometimes!

I wonder if crochet hasn't resurged because it seems to be more economical?? You can really get away with using cheaper yarns, scraps, etc. Though I do remember it uses about double the quantity...

Lovely ripple. I am still collecting Dream In Color scraps for mine. I have a pretty good array of colors but I NEED more! :)

Your mosaic is great too! Love the little Koala!

"Fix, Frog, or Finish" good luck with that! wink wink

Actually, it does feel good to let things go.