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Halfway point for the Ripple

I've passed the halfway point for my crocheted Ripple afghan, so I'll share these progress photos -- probably the last ones you'll see until I'm finished. I've created a set on Flickr so you can see more about the progression of colors in the Ripple. The stripes are random and selected based on the colors I bought initially and filled in with new colors as I buy one ball at a time.

Ripples crocheted - a closer shot

I'll let you in on a secret . . . I'm not totally in love with some of the color combinations that have "happened." The combinations I love the most are the ones I've had help with via Flickr. But overall, I love the afghan itself. I love crocheting it and I'm excited every time I get to work on it. For those of you who have asked about the yarn and colors. I'm using Cascade 220 Superwash. I think it's a really good yarn choice for this project. I've listed the colors on my Ravelry project page. The book in which the pattern appears is 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns: Exciting Patterns to Knit & Crochet for Afghans, Blankets & Throws, by Jan Eaton.

There are patterns for both knit and crochet ripples. Knit patterns are on the left pages and crochet patterns are on the right. There are no diagrams, but the instructions are straightforward and the photos are plentiful.

The Ripple afghan on April 22, 2009

And, yes, I still knit. But now that I can crochet, there are yarns I might have overlooked before that would be more enjoyable for me as crochet projects. Cottons and cotton blends, for instance, are just easier on my hands with a crochet hook -- and the results look better. While I'm happily hooking and reading blogs, I've added a few crochet blogs to the mix. I was reading Kim Werker's last night and absolutely loved it. This entry: "Where are the Crochet Bloggers?" was especially interesting to me. If you're a blogger, please read it -- even if you don't crochet.


Huh! I crochet quite a bit but seem to pick those looooong projects that either a) never get finished or b) never make it to the blog because I forgot I posted them in the first place. I agree with all the tips about keeping one's blog interesting!

Janet, your Ripple looks amazing. One of these days I will start mine.

Interesting post from Kim Werker - food for thought. I learnt to crochet properly before I learnt to knit properly, but it's knitting I mainly do now - I think it is more versatile, more challenging, and just looks better (overall). Although crochet patterns have vastly improved in the last 5-10 years. Might have to think on it some more and post my thoughts. Thanks for the link.

Thanks for mentioning Kim Werker's post. I'll copy&paste her "top ten list" on a post-it on my MacBook desktop.
Beautiful work, your ripple blanket. I bet you'll find any color combination of your work lovable after you complete and use it for five (or ten) years. Taste changes, and change is good, isn't it?

It looks great! You were a quick learner :-)

Hi - I've been 'lurking' on your blog for a while, I enjoy reading it. I was totally inspired by your ripples - I've got the book now, and I have a good start on my own. I had purchased yarn to knit a blanket for my dad, but converted it (and purchased more yarn TWICE) to this. My first crochet project in YEARS! Thanks!

I think it looks fabulous. It's funny, but when I do a Fair Isle project, I often think the colours work best together when I have some in, or some combinations, that are not my favourite. Not sure why, maybe having some element of dissonance helps the overall effect sing a bit more. There are some colours in your blanket that are not my favourites, but I imagine if they weren't there the whole thing would look a lot blander. I look forward to seeing it finished!

I really think Kim answers her own question in that post. Crochet was my only craft for 25 years. As much as I learned about it, as much as I created with it, I never really found it sparked much conversation. Perhaps if I had contact with a lot of other people who shared an interest in crochet, conversations may have developed. I think the same theory applies on line. For whatever reason, I found more people on line writing about knitting than crochet. Thus began my return to knitting and my introduction to knit blogging. I have blogged about crochet, but haven't gotten as much response as I do when I blog about knitting. Knitting has a larger audience.

I think the afghan looks fabulous!

You are cruising along on it!

I think the colours are amazing, it is so vivid and vibrant looking.